Updates to Make Before Listing Your Home

Kitchen, After

There are so many factors to consider when selling your home, so TopComp’s here to break down the things that matter most to buyers in all areas and price points to ensure your home is the best looking on the block. One thing to remember before making any updates are to stay true to your home’s bones. Even if buyers in your area are mainly looking for a modern house, you can’t make your traditional craftsman into something that it isn’t. Consider adding a modern twist by painting a light and neutral color, updating hardware and lighting to be a more transitional style, and staging with the same theme in mind. Another important aspect when listing your home is to stay neutral; whether you’re going to do a minor or major renovation before listing, you must remember that you’re trying to appeal to the majority. So, it may not be the right time to use this as a creative outlet, or to turn the home into what you wish it would have been while you were living there.

Kitchen, Before

Based on TopComp’s research and the return on investment, below is a list of the top updates to make that buyers are actually willing to pay top dollar for:

  1. Deep clean, declutter, depersonalize
  2. Minor kitchen update – paint or replace cabinet doors, replace hardware, upgrade to stainless steel appliances, install quartz countertops
  3. Minor bathroom update – re-grout tile, re-caulk tub/shower, replace hardware, replace plastic tub with walk in shower
  4. Paint interior – neutral off white, or plain white
  5. Update light fixtures – black, matte gold, or chrome finishes
  6. Update exterior – power wash, paint, replace vinyl siding with stone veneer accents, clean up landscaping, replace garage door, replace or paint front door. –Angie Bolognese from TopComp

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