Taking the Block Back: How Rebuild the Block is Reshaping Phoenix Homes

Through collaboration and an eye for unique builds, Rebuild The Block is re-shaping the future of Phoenix homes.

Trends come and go frequently in the home and design space, which is why Nathan Anderson, owner and founder of Rebuild The Block, prefers to build homes that don’t necessarily adhere to one specific design style.

“Our favorite projects are when we get to build something that’s unique,” says Anderson.

Take their Scandinavian ranch homes on Earll Drive as an example. The homes exude mid-century modern with a twist, combining clean lines and large windows with the earthy tones and organic materials typically present in Australian Modern designs.

“We don’t create exactly what would be considered true mid-century modern,” explains Anderson. “We take some of those elements and build a more modern-style home. That’s what our focus is.” 

From Flip to Fab New Builds

When Anderson founded Rebuild The Block in 2016, he didn’t envision building new houses. After spending years in the tech space in Silicon Valley, he began to imagine a life where he could work for himself and escape the nine-to-five environment he’d grown accustomed to. Both his father and grandfather owned and managed a number of investment properties, so entering the real estate market seemed like a natural fit. He and his wife, Rachel, made the move to Arizona and began working with friends on flipping and renovating current builds around the Valley.

Over time, Anderson began to crave more involvement with the properties and started building spec homes in the Arcadia Lite neighborhood, which helped shape Rebuild The Block into the well-rounded building company it is today. With services ranging from spec builds to investment opportunities, Anderson states that they’re particularly sought after for their custom homes.

“The majority of conversations that we have is about new construction,” says Anderson. “That’s because we predominantly have built spec development. But we built it very custom and focused on the uniqueness of each individual home and each individual space that we create.”

Anderson’s favorite custom build to date involves a home in the Mountain Shadows community. Tucked in between Camelback and Mummy Mountains, the client sought something that would be striking on its own, while still adhering to the strict protocols of the homeowner’s association (HOA). The team landed on a build that featured plenty of mid-modern influence, while utilizing stucco and stone facades to help seamlessly integrate the home into its desert surroundings. Inside, walnut cabinetry and minimalist millwork complement the clean, white paint palette.

“This collaboration with the architect, design team and HOA allowed [Rebuild The Block] to come up with something unique and architecturally significant for the community,” says Anderson.

Collaboration is a word that Anderson repeatedly mentions and is something he attributes to the success of his company. When Rebuild The Block began creating custom homes, he knew that he would need to lean on people with professional experience in other relevant areas, like architects and interior designers. With a team of experts in place, Anderson has been able to involve himself in the earlier stages of planning, ensuring that design blueprints are doable from a builder’s standpoint.

“Nothing is more satisfying than working diligently in the pre-construction and design phases of the project, allowing my years of building experience to help the home take shape,” says Anderson.

Creating a Style All Your Own

Over the years, Anderson has worked on a variety of custom home builds, drawing inspiration from various design styles. Recently, Rebuild The Block has seen an increase in requests for Scandinavian and Australian modern homes. Both styles typically see use of minimalistic, clean lines and plenty of natural light. If you’re interested in trying to incorporate these characteristics into your home without a total renovation, Anderson suggests the following tips:

  1. Choose the right shade of white: Painting your home muted shades of white over bright whites gives the look of a clean, sanctuary-like space without feeling too sterile.
  2. Look to nature for inspiration: Incorporate natural colors and textures throughout for additional warmth. Earth-toned accent walls and artwork, as well as wood-finished furniture and cabinetry, are excellent places to start. 
  3. Experiment with lighting: Good lighting is a cornerstone of interior design. Choose lighting that has a simple design that won’t compete with the other elements in your space.

This story appeared in the AZ Foothills Home & Design, Best Places to Live issue. Read the full issue here.

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