Scottsdale’s Privada Goes Green

Privada is taking huge strides toward ensuring green practices remain an integral element of the development’s future.

Privada, the luxury gated enclave in North Scottsdale, Arizona has gone Green and Solar with all new homes offered in the community. The new homes come with a guarantee of heating and cooling energy usage. Environments for Living, a third party energy certification program, reports that the homes are up to 71 percent more energy efficient than other new code-compliant homes, and up to 99 percent more energy efficient than the average ten year old home.

“We have made a considerable commitment to creating an eco-friendly community that is in harmony with the beautiful Sonoran desert at our doorstep,” said Peter Burger, president of Monarch Privada Construction LLC. “We have scoured the industry for resources to build the most energy efficient homes in the market while minimizing the impact on the environment and on the bank account.”

The new homes at Privada will reduce the carbon footprint by up to 66 percent over other conventional code-compliant homes. A carbon footprint is a measure of the impact our activities have on the environment, and in particular climate change. It relates to the amount of greenhouse gases produced in our day-to-day lives through such things as burning fossil fuels for electricity, heating and transportation.

Additionally Privada is making standard on all new homes a new solar electric system that will deliver up to 65 percent of the home’s energy needs, making them “Near Zero” homes. Echo Solar System is a complete photovoltaic solar solution that produces enough electricity to run appliances, heat water for bathing, as well as heat the pool and spa, and even home heating and home cooling. “With Echo, Privada gives the homeowner the power to do it all; the power to save money and secure their energy needs into the future, and the power to conserve the natural beauty of the desert,” said Gordon Handelsman, president of PVT Solar, the provider of the Echo™ Solar System.

All of the new homes are being constructed in association with the City of Scottsdale Advanced Green Building Program. The homes have also been awarded the Diamond Level, the highest level of achievement from Environments for Living, a national construction program that looks at the home as a system of systems and helps builders construct homes that are more energy efficient, comfortable and durable than conventional code-built homes. Privada is also an APS Energy Star and Solar Community.

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