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If you’ve read this blog in any detail, then by now you know that I am all over anything that can be personalized. From monogrammed sheets to plastering family pictures any and everywhere. I recently stumbled upon a Web site suited for people who like to be reminded of the individuals who inhabit their spaces.





Letter your Legacy offers custom framed letter art, designed by the shopper to fit their personality and style. Above is an example I put together using my name on the company’s Web site, which shows you exactly what your selections will look like upon framing.


“With our creative black and white letter photos, you can spell your name or a meaningful word, and then choose from our many frames and mattes to bring the whole piece together.” says Stacy, their head photographer.


The skilled photographer of Letter Your Legacy has taken numerous pictures of things in the world that closely resemble letters. A dripping icicle forms an “E”, while a winding pathway sculpts a smooth “S”. Their photographer’s eye for seeing these abstract letters is what makes Letter Your Legacy so unique. After compiling these letter photos into an alphabet with over twelve photos for each letter, the company’s online design tool enables customers to choose the letter art that reflects their own style and taste.


Their varieties of frame styles easily coordinate with any home décor from rustic to contemporary. This also makes it easy to give a framed name to someone even if the person doesn’t know the style of the recipient’s home. Letter Your Legacy framed names can be placed above a doorway, on a mantel, on a bookshelf, in a gathering of family photos, or where ever you so desire. People can spice up their home design with a Letter Your Legacy keepsake and they will love the style and sophistication it brings to the room.


Everyone gets frustrated when trying to find a gift for the person who has everything. Ordering a Letter Your Legacy framed name is an easy and one of a kind gift to celebrate a bride’s new last name, an anniversary, the birth of a baby, or just a word of encouragement to those who need it. For those who like the personal touch of a homemade gift, but don’t like starting from scratch, Letter Your Legacy is a unique choice. With their interactive frame builder, the user can pick out each letter photo and put it with the frame and matte they like the best.

To learn more, visit www.letteryourlegacy.com.


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