Home Designer Spotlight: Jamie Herzlinger

Photo Via http://www.jamieshop.com

In the world of design, Jamie Herzlinger has been at the top for over twenty years. Jamie Herzlinger Interiors is a nationally renowned Interior Design Firm as well as a leading custom home building company, specializing in high end residential.

Photo Via http://www.jamieshop.com
Photo Via http://www.jamieshop.com

With offices in Scottsdale Arizona and New York City, Jamie Herzlinger Interiors is known for blending diverse elements, periods and cultures to create sophisticated classically modern environments.

Take the stress out of finding a team! One of the best things about Jamie Herzlinger Interiors is that they work well within the framework of already established teams, whereby the builder and the architect are already on board.

Photo Via http://www.jamieshop.com
Photo Via http://www.jamieshop.com

Looking for the perfect piece? Well, look no further! In addition to the amazing interior design work Jame Herzlinger offers, Jamieshop.com offers a chance to shop in the comfort of your couch with amazing style. Start shopping amazing accessories, home furnishings, lighting and more!

Jamie also offers design guidance. Just purchased a chandelier and not sure how high it should hang above the dining table? Ask Jamie! Want to paint the living room white, but soon realize there are hundreds to choose from? Let Jamie create a paint palette. This is the chance to get advice on those simple questions need answered by a trusted member of the industry.

Don’t go shopping blind! Jamie will create a custom floor plan based on the scope of work. Go shopping with confidence!

Jamie Herzlinger Interiors takes pride in its ability to imbue every one of its projects with elements of history, philosophy, music and romance. While paying careful attention to functionality, materials, scale and proportion, the firm ensures that every one of its designs marries beauty with intellect in a fresh, original way.

For more information on all of the amazing products offered visit www.jamieherzlinger.com and www.jamieshop.com.

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