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Not being a pool owner, this was a trend I wasn’t even familiar with. Apparently, the hard economy has made it difficult for some homeowners to manage the upkeep on their pools, prompting them to swallow the cost of making the pools inoperable. A San Diego-based company, D1 Spas has energy— and upkeep—friendly models for prospective pool/spa owners so that they can avoid future hassles. 


In the waning days of summer a trend has emerged of homeowners removing in-ground pools at the cost of between $5,000 and $12,000. Reasons range from water shortages to maintenance costs in a down economy to a bad real estate market.  Dimension One Spas, which has its worldwide headquarters near San Diego, is responding to the trend with a reminder that their Aquatic Fitness System underwater gyms (also known as swim spas) and high-tech hot tubs are a water-conserving, greener and healthier backyard alternative.  

D1 Spas and its wide range of eco-friendly home spas continue to be at the forefront of the energy conservation movement, with Senior Engineer Angelo Pugliese winning the Hot Tub Council’s 2008 Eagle Award for spearheading the development of hot tub energy efficiency standards in collaboration with the California Energy Commission.  And the award-winning, 32-year-old hot tub manufacturer is one of the only hot tub companies to publish energy guides for every spa model.   
Three examples of smart home options from D1 Spas include:

The Journey — This new, circular, hot tub soothes tired muscles and minds while setting a gallons-per-minute power benchmark with 20 Storm Rotator jets that shoot water with more force than similar competitor spas.  The Journey drives all of this power from a 110v plug, which means it can be powered by standard outlets.  Design features for this elegant 4-seater include silver hardware accents and Terracina skirt options, tactile therapy flooring, and barrier-free seating.  MSRP is $5,595.

The Amoré Bay — This 6-seater hot tub is like an outdoor social room that fuses high-tech design innovations including mood lighting, dancing fountains and iPod-friendly stereos with the most advanced engineering for comfort and relaxation.  An irresistible backyard oasis, the Amoré Bay also features his and her hydronomically-designed, underwater lounge chairs lined with massage jets, a remote control for underwater massage programs and a sleek, energy-efficient design with average monthly heating costs of only $15. MSRP is $18,595.

Aquatic Fitness System — This revolutionary underwater gym allows people of all ages and abilities to swim, walk, run, stretch, row, strength train, relax and heal in the comfort and convenience of their own backyards.  Offering twice the workout in half the time, the AFS is ideal for everyone from weekend warriors and overweight exercisers to aging boomers and disciplined athletes who need rehabilitation and training options.  The eco-savvy AFS is designed with energy-efficient heaters and pumps that result in average monthly heating costs of just $35.  The AFS comes in three models — the AquaFit 16, AquaPro 19 and AquaFit 19 Dual Temp – and ranges in price from $29,995 to $44, 995.  


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