Build Your Own Theater Chair with Elite Home Theater Seating


In the past few years, home theaters have gone from being totally extravagant home indulgences to now being almost expected in a modern luxury home. One company that’s at the forefront of posh home theater design is Elite Home Theater Seating, who offers customers an even more convenient and tech-savvy way to build your perfect home theater: just log onto their Web site. That’s right—all you have to do to receive your ideal home theater chairs is log on to, click on the icon on the home page, and begin building your perfect home theater seats.

Personally, I like my theater chairs to be covered in a neutral but rich shade of brown or tan suede, rather than leather. I also like the density to be a bit more soft rather than firm with a wider arm rest. The Elite HTS online custom chair builder allows you to create all these things, and more. Here’s how the process works:

• First, choose your material—select from CineSuede, Silk Leather or Valentino Leather.
• Secondly, choose your arm rest style from the eight selections available, offering various styles like sporty or contemporary and different cup holder variations. (Perhaps you prefer the slide out cup holder style over the traditional cup holder that sits in the arm rest.)
• Next, you’ll want to choose your seat back style. Six options are available. Do you like your seat back to be more rounded, square or angled?
• Now (the fun part), you may choose a seat color—35 options are available and include everything from your classic tan and chestnut to bold crimson, carrot and indigo.
• Step five offers you a choice of cup holder color in gun metal, copper, silver or black.
• Maybe most importantly to the comfort of the chair, now you may choose your foam density. This will determine the softness or firmness of the chairs. Soft, medium and firm are available.
• Finally, describe your preferred home theater layout. For example, two loveseats plus one curved row of three, etc. Elite HTS shows pictures of layouts so you may get an idea of what you are looking for.

When all is said and done, you will receive a summary of the selections you have made. You will then fill out the online information (name, address, phone number, specific requests, etc.), and an Elite HTS representative will contact you within one business day with a detailed quotation. Retail pricing starts at $1,995 per chair. Wholesale discounts are available to interior designers, home builders and registered dealers.

For express service, call 604.575.8310. For more information, visit

  1. With people having so many different preferences I think this is a great idea. Now, if only I had a theater to decorate.

  2. My husband reallllllly wants a home theater and these chairs would top it off nicely! Maybe if Santa is listening…

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