Schonbek ~ Celebrating, Elevating, and Brightening Our Spaces for 150 Years

Gravity-Defying Crystal Features

Let us clarify – We are not talking about tight roping or doing aerial yoga in the living room when suggesting that you should try to defy gravity.

Instead, a channel that stirs crazy energy into upgrading the space where the majority of your time is spent: the home.

Schonbek, the world-renowned heritage brand crafting American-made lighting for 150 years, offers a series of suspended fixtures that appear to be hovering in the air, offering an element of whimsical weightlessness to the design of a room.

Perfect for a statement above a dining table or the centerpiece in a common space, Schonbek’s breathtaking pendants make defying gravity seem effortless and add a little extra to the atmosphere at home, giving the illusion that they are simply floating throughout the space they hang in.

Crystal, silver, and gold metallics always elevate the home, yet when combining these luxurious materials with the alluring, gravity-defying quality of Schonbek’s suspended crystal pendants, the reignition of lust for the home is unavoidable.   

Schonbeck can be found at Ferguson and Lamps Plus in Scottsdale.

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