How to Amplify Your Kitchen with Fine Metal Finishes

By Corinne Krupa, GrayLeaf Studio

They say the kitchen is the heart of every home. After all, it’s where loved ones gather to fuel their bodies, minds and spirits.

Because of its importance, a kitchen deserves to be anything but ordinary. One way to elevate your kitchen is with fine metal finishes, which add memorable and luxurious elements while improving functionality.

Consider these upgrades to refine the beating heart of your home.

Range Hoods

Fine metal range hoods provide a unique and functional centerpiece to any kitchen that can complement its overarching style.

From materials to shape and texture, every aspect of the metal can be customized and worked to create a range hood that doubles as a unique piece of art.

  • Materials – “Soft” metals that are typically used in high-end interiors, including zinc, pewter, brass,  bronze, copper and stainless steel, are ideal for constructing a statement piece. Additionally, these fine metals are more effective and hygienic in wet environments — such as kitchens — than other materials.
  • Shape – Dramatic curves? Sleek, straight lines? A hybrid of the two? Whatever your aesthetic fancy, a range hood’s shape can instantly transform your kitchen. For example, a range hood with a generous curve could complement at French chateau style. Modern, contemporary kitchens pair well with a minimalistic range hood, continuing clean, long lines.
  • Texture – Textures bring a lively visual appeal to any range hood. Options include hammered, distressed and stamped.
  • Patina –­ A patina results from a natural-occurring chemical process when metals are exposed and left to the elements. Metalworkers can hasten the process to draw out vibrant hues from the metal. Popular patinas range from antiquated zinc to blackened steel or copper.
  • Decorative additions – Decorative details also can add to a range hood and make it unforgettable. Common elements include straps, which are narrow, vertical pieces of metal, that follow a range hood’s lines and edges to make the shape pop, as well as rivets, which are used to accessorize straps, and medallions, circular metal badges.

Countertops & Bar Tops

Photo: Emmy Couture Designs

Another eye-catching way to enhance a kitchen’s aesthetic is to ditch traditional stone countertops or bar tops and replace them with fine metal.

Spacious and durable, fine metal countertops are built to withstand the demands of everyday use while injecting that one-of-a-kind appeal to your kitchen.

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, a fine metal countertop or bar top offers myriad functional benefits as well, including:

  • Nonporous – Metal’s nonporous nature makes it the perfect material for damp environments where you want to prevent the spread of mold and bacteria.
  • Antibacterial – Certain fine metals, such as zinc and copper, are naturally imbued with antibacterial benefits, adding another layer of protection in rooms where sanitation is a priority.
  • Stain resistant – Accidents happen. Sometimes you spill that Merlot or pomodoro sauce. But metal countertops won’t end up permanently stained after accidental spills or splatters. However, a patina will change with time, developing a distinct and visually appealing “pattern of use.”
  • Easily cleaned – Usually, you can simply wipe down your metal countertop with warm water and soap without the need for harsh chemicals or serious scrubbing.
  • Excellent durability – Metal countertops will last through the years while still developing a personality as they age, creating a physical record of time spent in the kitchen.

Like range hoods, fine metal countertops or bar tops can be tailored to your needs, from decorative edge details to exquisite natural patinas and fully integrated sinks.


Although an essential part of any kitchen, shelving is often overlooked, hidden away or fades into the background. However, with fine metal finishes, a kitchen’s shelving can serve as a focal point while enhancing its surroundings.

Sturdy fine metal shelving systems can also incorporate glass, LED lighting or other materials and features to create high-quality standing or floating shelves for the kitchen, pantry or wine cellar.

As with range hoods and countertops, you can enhance metal shelving in countless ways with eye-catching edge details, patinas, textures and more. You can even design shelves to complement your kitchen’s custom metal counters or bars.

Limitless Luxurious Options

With their luxurious combination of artisan form and classic function, fine metal finishes offer limitless options and opportunities to enhance any kitchen, making life in the beating heart of the home even more memorable.

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