G-1 Pool Table


Pool tables conjure up more than a few memories of our childhoods.

A) Spilling Barq’s Root Beer on our uncle’s table and being scared for our lives

B) That time our cousin Scott threw the cue ball at his brother BJ and gave him a black eye

The G-1 pool table is so amazing, it’s sure to be a nice change from the green felt nightmares of your childhood. It has a ‘Vitrik’ surface, not fabric. It’s a patented transparent film on unbreakable glass, which gives resistance to rolling balls just like cloth does. A standard size with comparable bumpers, billiards champions can enjoy the same type of feel when they play their game. Sleek-looking poolballs and silver cues make for an extremely aesthetically-pleasing alternative for your rec room.

Keep the Barq’s on a coffee table, please, these bad boys start at $39,900.

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