BuzziPlanter – Celebrating and Connecting You with Nature in Your Office or Home

BuzziPlanter – Bringing Nature Indoors for Your Office and Home!

Due to the cancellation of design fairs (the likes of Salone and NYCXDesign), BuzziSpace is launching an acoustical planter virtually!

BuzziPlanter is a multi-purpose solution for the office with its acoustical, partitioning, and biophilic properties. Pot your favorite plants to boost office creativity and focus with BuzziPlanter!

The Happiness Booster
Biophilic design is hot and there’s a good reason for it. Plants not only cheer up grey office spaces. They boost people’s happiness, creativity, and focus. BuzziPlanter adds an extra feature to that list. The upholstered colorful pot has the acoustic superpower to absorb excessive noise in open spaces, creating healthier environments for workers to thrive.

Room divider with acoustic powers
BuzziPlanter doesn’t only divide spaces into luscious green microenvironments. Being built with a thick layer of sound-absorbing foam and finished off with a layer of fabric, BuzziPlanter has the ability to decrease reverberation. Creating calm areas where it’s nice to sit, gather, work, and relax.

The Story
Meet BuzziPlanter, a collection of planters for a range of contract environments. Minimalistic in appearance but full of personality, the planter fully embodies the methodology of biophilic design by including elements of nature in the space, reinforcing BuzziSpace’s core mission to help create happier and healthier workspaces.

The pot is powered by a thick layer of high-density foam and finished off with an additional layer of fabric to optimally absorb excessive noise from air conditioning, speech and high-pitch sounds coming from ringtones, coffee machine.

Thus, BuzziPlanter is an ideal choice to create microenvironments in communal workspaces with its acoustical properties, encouraging concentration and relaxation. For an added value, this acoustic office divider also helps define and divide spaces – a feature extremely desirable in today’s open-office layouts. 

BuzziPlanter comes in six different sizes and can be upholstered in a wide variety of colorways to further spark joy and liveliness. Pick one or group a few together to suit a range of interior needs.

BuzziPlanter – Size Guide
BuzziPlanter comes in 6 different heights. The bigger, the higher the capacity to absorb sound. The different widths make it possible to add any plant of your liking.

Thanks to a wide variety of colors it easily fits in any interior, adding a dash of fun. Sizes of the BuzziPlanter are listed below:

  • 45cmHx45cmW 
  • 75cmHx45cmW 
  • 105cmHx45cmW 
  • 45cmHx79cmW
  • 45cmHx45cmWx119cmL
  • 75cmHx45cmWx119cmL 

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