18th Century Decor for the Everyday

Sometimes I feel like I should have been born in a different time period. Furniture shopping is usually one of those times when that thought creeps in.


Internationally recognized as the designer that bridged the gap between modern forms and classic structures, John Hutton’s Collection Pierre is immediately as stunningly romantic as it is functional. The lines of Huton’s designs make me want to hop aboard a plane headed nonstop for Paris, but with his latest collection, France can come to you.

The collection’s modern lines are faithful to the rhythm of the age, but with perfected luxury and enlightenment. Visible is the creative spirit of the youthful, whimsical cornucopia of the French Court and its influence on the western world.

Drawn from the most flourishing period in history for interior design – 18th century Versailles (My personal favorite time period), Collection Pierre by John Hutton is comprised of a complete interior collection of seating, case goods and tables. Collection Pierre is more than just another set of reproductions. The pieces are produced in the same part of France where courtesans and royalty lived and loved in extravagant luxury under the reign of Louis XV. Collection Pierre has been built from the ground up by Hutton; all pieces are refurbished according to his vision to include structural details that emulate the design of the époque in history that is still referred to today as the Hollywood of the 18th century.

The collection includes such whimsically named pieces as the featured Paridis Banquette which is hand-carved from French White Oak, sourced from the original forests where it was harvested 250 years ago. Also available in Beech Wood especially selected for those pieces that feature light, dark or metallic finishes, the Paridis Banquette can be completely customized to fit any space. The Muse will seduce you as the perfect complement to a luxurious look. These pieces are exclusively from Collection Pierre and bring to life the excitement and opulence of a society newly reborn. The combination of modern comfort, unrivaled quality and timeless design is synonymous with John Hutton.

And while collection Pierre can be incorporated into your own home, it is exclusively available to interior designers and architects through David Sutherland showrooms in New York, Dania, Dallas, Houston, Chicago and Los Angeles. So you’ll have to have a connection in order to get the goods.

To learn more about Collection Pierre, visit www.huttonhome.com.

  1. I love when furniture looks a bit historical, even when it’s brand new! This is a line I think I’d really like.

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