Meet Kevin MacDonald, the Man Behind the First FDA Cleared Face Mask

Hi Kevin MacDonald, please give us a little background on yourself and your experience in the biomedical field: 

Kevin has been investing and developing biotechnology companies for over 20 years.  He is the co-founder of several Arizona-based biomedical companies in sectors that include medical device reprocessing, genetic testing, antivirus, and antimicrobial technologies, and he developed Advanced Medical Plaza in Chandler.  Kevin lives in Paradise Valley and he went to Gonzaga University and ChongQing University in China.   

What separates this mask from all the other masks that claim “kill COVID-19?”

RespoKare masks are FDA Cleared to make antiviral claims and “all the other masks” are not. Years of research culminated in the launch in 2011 of our surgical face mask with antiviral coating under the new (created for us) FDA product code OUK, followed by an N95 respirator in 2013 under the FDA product code ONT.  

What does the process to have a product “FDA” approved look like?  

RespoKare masks are FDA cleared or FDA listed. “FDA Approved” only relates to prescription drugs or Class 3 implantable devices.

RespoKare masks are FDA cleared, this means it has undergone a 510(k) submission, which the FDA has reviewed and provided clearance to market and sell with claims.  The costs of submission may exceed $2,000,000 spent on clinical studies and specialized attorney fees and around 2,000 pages of supporting documents and studies showing viral kill and safety.   

I read all the time about “ions” that destroy the virus, what are these ions and what do they do?  

An “ion” is an atom or molecule with a net electric charge due to the loss or gain of one or more electrons.  RespoKare patented mask coating produces ions and was developed by US scientists.  Our technology and coating mimic the surface of living cells to trap viruses that are then destroyed by concentrations of copper and zinc. 

Our technology, proven in studies, destroys 99.99% of human coronavirus and measles virus within 1 minute, and 15 flu virus strains within 5 minutes on contact with the mask surface.   

It looks like you have already tons of philanthropic work for individuals in the Valley. Can you talk about that a little bit?  

Innonix Technologies USA LLC donated thousands of masks to police departments, in-school elementary school teachers, and low-income senior citizen homes.  We continue to donate thousands of masks a month to people in need of better antiviral mask protection.  We try to play our part in the community. 

What are the next steps in getting this product into the hands of millions of Americans?  

RespoKare sells millions of masks a year in the USA. We had #1 mask sales in Walgreens, CVS, Target, and Walmart in 2017-2019.  We are creating awareness of our brand and expanding into selling to hospitals and online to clients in need.  We sell in AZ in Walmart and Lowes. 

Are these masks produced here in the USA?    

We have begun producing a new next “generation antiviral mask” in Arizona that we will launch next quarter. I am excited to be able to tell you more about this new mask soon. 

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