Best Private High School 2015: Notre Dame Preparatory High School


Debating over where to send your kids for high school can be a daunting task for many parents – after all, this is the place where your kids will spend 8 hours a day, five days a week for four years, with the ultimate goal of continuing on to higher education or the working field.

Voted 2015’s Best Private High School is none other than Notre Dame Preparatory High School located in Scottsdale.

best private high school

In addition to focusing on the success of their students, Notre Dame keeps the concepts of reverence, respect and responsibility first when promoting excellence.

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With a 10:1 ratio, students are thriving at Notre Dame, where the small scale classes allow for a better connection between pupil and instructor. And even better – Notre Dame offers several unique courses such as Theology and Fine Arts, which offers the students a wide range of classes to choose from. Different interests, as well as advanced learning and educational technology are encouraged – making Notre Dame unique to other high schools with its progression towards a technological future.

According to Notre Dame, “This program is designed to increase students’ critical thinking and technical skills to be competitive in the 21st century”.

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Tuition at Notre Dame for the 2014-2015 year was $14,900, however, financial aid is definitely available. If interested, feel free to contact Notre Dame Preparatory High School with the information below.

Notre Dame Preparatory High School | Site

9701 E. Bell Rd

Scottsdale, AZ 85260


Fax: 480.634.8299


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