Sage Luxury Homes Continues Designing Beautiful Valley Homes


No matter where one ventures in the Valley, it only takes but a short drive to stumble upon one of Sage Luxury Homes’ beautiful creations. Scattered throughout some of the most affluent Valley zip codes, Sage Luxury Homes has designed some of the most luxurious and awe-inspiring homes the Valley has seen.

Sage Luxury Homes designs a variety of homes. Whether you’re looking for a contemporary ranch style home, a french country home, a Santa Barbara style home, or even a Mediterranean-styled home, Sage Luxury Homes has the means to give you whatever style home you desire.


Sage Luxury Homes has rightfully earned the reputation of providing the best quality, performance and service of the homebuilding industry.  Not only are its homes beautiful, they’re designed with the utmost luxury.  From in-home theaters to  outdoor gardens and pools, both the outdoor and indoor sections of your house will meet the highest of standards.

These custom homes utilize all the beautiful natural scenery available.  Whether it is a grand window overlooking Camelback Mountain or a pathway through the dessert terrain, Sage Luxury Homes makes the most of the beautiful Arizona scenery.


Sage Luxury Homes has built around 20 houses in Arcadia alone.  This highly acclaimed company’s latest project is set to be built in the heart of Arcadia.  The homes will be 7,000 square feet, with one designed contemporary ranch style and one designed Santa Barbara style.  These two homes, like anything built by Sage, are going to make the neighborhood of Arcadia even more beautiful!

For more information, visit Sage Luxury Home’s website or visit their Facebook.


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