Best Dentist & Best Dental Team: Dr. Sara Vizcarra, Pinnacle Peak Family Dentistry

At Pinnacle Peak Family Dentistry it’s not simply the picturesque mountain views from treatment rooms and cutting-edge dental technology that keep patients coming back; it’s also the friendly and knowledgeable staff who are committed to raising awareness and attending to all their patients’ oral health needs.

Dr. Sara Vizcarra, DDS, DABDSM DABCP, DABCDSM, and her team know that there are many dentists to choose from in the Valley, so helping patients attain their best health in the most comfortable environment possible is at the core of their mission to deliver only the highest level of care.

Dr. Sara Vizcarra, owner of Pinnacle Peak Family Dentistry

Since Dr. Vizcarra started her practice more than 18 years ago, Pinnacle Peak Family Dentistry has grown to welcome other doctors and specialists, including husband and wife duo, Dr. Christine Tran, DDS, and Dr. Christopher D. Bebeau, DDS, MPH, and has gained the prestige of being named one of the premier dental offices in the Valley by multiple magazines in Phoenix and Scottsdale.

“We strive to create a comfortable and warm environment while delivering excellent clinical work that will last,” says Dr. Vizcarra. “We also strive to educate our patients and empower them with the tools and skills to maintain and protect their oral health through consistency and prevention. We take a very comprehensive approach in seeing our patients as a whole and recognizing all the complex factors that have an influence on their oral health.”

Pinnacle Peak Family Dentistry offers everything from preventive cleanings, pediatrics, orthodontics, prosthodontics and implant dentistry to more specialized treatments like cutting-edge laser to treat gum disease and BIOCLEAR, a minimally invasive alternative to veneers or crowns that has the added bonus of lasting longer than conventional fillings. Dr. Vizcarra also specializes in dental craniofacial medicine, including treatment for orofacial pain, TMJ disorders and sleep apnea.

Dr. Christopher D. Bebeau and Dr. Christine Tran of Pinnacle Peak Family Dentistry

An emphasis on education is at the core of the team’s efficient, interactive approach to achieving gorgeous smiles for their patients who make Pinnacle Peak Family Dentistry their dental home.

“We plan on launching several educational campaigns to get the message out about our amazing specialized services, such as surgically guided implant placement using 3D imaging, orthodontic treatment that is free of brackets and metal wires through Invisalign, our minimally invasive laser treatment for gum disease, and minimally invasive BIOCLEAR restorations,” says Dr. Vizcarra.

Dr. Vizcarra and her team make patients’ comfort their number-one priority during appointments, including taking the time to thoroughly explain procedures to reduce any anxiety, as well as employing mild sedation and special isolation techniques.

“We recognize that dentistry is service and that means taking care of the whole individual,” says Dr. Vizcarra. “We care for our patients as if they are family.”

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