Best of Our Valley Spotlight: Sorso Wine Room, ‘Best Wine Bar’

SORSO Wine Room

For over the past 20 years, we’ve celebrated the Valley’s best. From the top businesses and professionals to the people who make it all happen, Arizona Foothills Magazine’s annual Best of Our Valley contest recognizes Arizona’s crème de la crème across more than 400 categories. From the best doctors and best resort down to the best cup of coffee you can find around town, each Best of titleholder is chosen by those who know the city best – our readers.

Each week, we’ll be highlighting individual winners from Best of Our Valley 2018, who share their advice, insights and thoughts on what it means to be a part of this exclusive list.

Sorso Wine Room

The Best of spotlight is on Sorso Wine Room, who claimed the Valley’s Best Wine Bar. Congrats, Sorso Wine Room!

AFM: What does it mean to you to be a Best of Our Valley winner?
Mark Teahen, owner of Sorso Wine Room: Being a small, independent, locally owned and operated business it is a huge honor to be voted Best of Our Valley. As we continue to compete with larger restaurant groups it is encouraging to hear what we are doing is getting noticed & being appreciated.

AFM: What’s your favorite part about being the Best of Our Valley’s Best Wine Bar?
MT: When my wife Lauren and I created Sorso Wine Room in 2015 we strived to create a place guests could really feel a part of. Our guests’ experience is the most important part of our business and being chosen “Best Wine Bar” confirms Sorso has become what we envisioned.

AFM: What advice would you give to others to be the “best” in your field?  
MT: Although Sorso Wine Room is still fairly new, we have found success by focusing on our guests rather than our bottom line. We believe a satisfied patron Is our best advertisement and we trust that a great experience will ensure them coming back to enjoy Sorso again and again.

AFM: Have you seen any benefits as a result of being a BOOV winner?
MT: Since winning Best of Our Valley, we have noticed some uptick in business, but we know the results of this publicity will be a long lasting results. We have seen that once someone tries Sorso for the first time it quickly becomes one of their favorite spots.

AFM: How do you put your “best” foot forward every day?
MT: We like to think we put our best foot forward every day by keeping things simple and consistent.Luckily we have an amazing staff that executes our vision day in & day out.

Interested in participating or want to recommend a business, professional or individual for Best of Our Valley? Best of Our Valley 2019 is now accepting nominations. Click here to find out more!

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