Noms Bake Shop: Bringing the Heat with the Sweets

Noms Bake Shop has been pulling far ahead and more than likely taking the crown for “Best Baked Goods and Sweets” this year.

As a family-owned business established in 2015, Noms Bake Shop was founded on a very simple truth: Good cookies save friendships, marriages, and lives.

They keep your boss happy, your boyfriend quiet, and your neighbor in their own business. And thus they felt it their duty to use this sacred knowledge to spread joy and enable you to do the same. Just by simply taking a bite of their sweet confections!

Delivering sweet gifts with a personal touch is the Noms Bake Shop philosophy. Customize a gift box of gourmet treats with your logo, design or special messaging to ensure a memorable gift that’s cherished even after every morsel has been devoured. 

Noms Bake Shop is all about quality, consistency, and unparalleled delivery services that bring their cookies straight to your door!

Noms may deliver, but they do not add preservatives. So while their cookies may not withstand the apocalypse (aka 2020), they ARE baked fresh and ready for you to enjoy upon delivery!

They use a special packaging process that allows those with willpower to enjoy our tasty treats up to 10 days after the packing date and, if kept in the freezer, for up to six months!

Check out some of the Noms Favorites:

  • Confetti Sugar: A favorite for the kiddos and kiddos-at-heart alike! The Confetti Sugar Nom is not only a delicious classic with a touch of nostalgia, but it’s a beautiful treat for any celebration… even the “no kids allowed” kind.
  • Peanut Butter & Jelly: A sack lunch would have been so much better with this schoolyard-inspired treat. The Peanut Butter & Jelly cookie is a nostalgic twist on a classic pairing of flavors that will leave you wanting to pack your own lunch a little more often.
  • Chocolate Chip: A classic for a reason, but not your average Joe. The Chocolate Chip Nom comes loaded with rich, semi-sweet chocolate chips and is baked to the exact consistency your taste buds requested.

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