Three Understated Luxury Cars for 2012

Imagine a split screen, on one side you see 1980s glam rock “Gods” Twisted Sister donned in spiked red shoulder pads and proclaiming with bright enthusiasm their refusal to “take it” any more.  On the other side of the screen you see jazz guitar legend Wes Montgomery, seated on a stool and wearing a plain grey suit, plucking the classic “Four on Six” with his signature muted octave style.

What words that come to mind when you contrast the second scene against the first?  Understatement, subtlety, or the lack thereof.  When the end result of a creative endeavor is inspired craftsmanship, it does not have to scream in your face with glitter and glam, but rather it can hold back, letting the quality of workmanship speak for itself.

The same can go for luxury cars.  Now, just because a car is loud and in your face, like a Lexus LFA or a Bugatti Veyron, does not mean that it is overcompensating, it just is what it is.  In this posting we will take a look at three luxury sporting vehicles that are appropriately subtle and understated, high performance and plush to the max, while also displaying a quiet dignity and class.

2013 Lexus GS 350:  Lexus’ answer to the LFA’s critics, those who want the quality and luxury of a Lexus along with the simplicity and affordability.

2012 BMW M5: You might recognize this dual twin-scroll turbocharged beast from the world of F1 racing, but it works amazingly well as a subtle and classy daily driver for the distinguishing gearhead.


2012 Jaguar XKR-S: Probably the flashiest car on the list, the XKR-S  is the fastest and most powerful U.S. legal road car Jaguar has ever made, but the exterior design remains minimalist enough so as not to attract swarming mobs of an unmanageable size.

Phoenix Valley auto enthusiasts who appreciate luxury, sport, and understatement at the same time can view and test drive these vehicles at their local Phoenix Valley dealer.  Consider making a day out of hopping around the various Scottsdale dealerships, and do it now while it is still cool.

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