Stick Shift: 2020 Honda CR-V Hybrid

The Honda CR-V delivers the goods in 2020 with an especially fuel efficient hybrid version. In addition to better fuel economy, a long list of standard equipment comes at no extra cost. Couple this with Honda’s time tested reputation for quality and reliability. All delivered at a fair price, and the CR-V has never held higher appeal. 

Exterior styling brings plenty of character. Not falling into the unfortunate hybrid formula of being muted and docile in design. Rather, the new Honda CR-V has sharp good looks and edge to spare. Tastefully integrated chrome trim with black accent pieces stand out nicely against the Radiant Red paint color worn by my model. The 19” alloy wheels, roof rails and LED fog lights round-out the package to create a look that’s tough and muscled. Far from a hybrid bore, without pushing the aesthetics too far. 

On the inside, the CR-V is tidy, well organized and easy to use. Which only helps make it easier to enjoy. Leather wraps around the steering wheel and trims the seats. Storage is plentiful and thoughtfully built in. The wireless charging pad works well and transmission button controls free up space and make the CR-V feel unique and forward thinking. For Honda anyway, the bulky shift-knob seems to be a thing of the past. 

Photo via: Honda

A small gas tank will make the 38 mpg average fuel rating feel less substantial, but at least you won’t be paying much at the pump. Seats are firm but comfortable. Driving aides like adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping assist work well and make long road trips a breeze. There’s plenty of good reasons the Honda CR-V has been a popular choice for anyone searching for a small SUV. A hybrid version only serves to entice all the more. 

Price as tested: $35,950.00

By: Brandon Randall

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