The Sexy and Innovative BMW i8 Leaves Envy Wherever It Drives


There’s a new sports car in town, and it’s leaving envy wherever it drives!   By far the sleekest and most luxurious sports car BMW has yet to offer, the BMW i8 is far more than just another sports car.

With the efficiency of an all electric motor, scissor doors to provide a sporty seductiveness and the ability to go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in only 4.2 seconds, the BMW i8 is the king of the road.  The 3-cylinder Turbo engine gives a driving experience more exhilarating than any other hot rod.  This engine provides all–wheel drive performance and a combined maximum power of 357 hp.


This luxurious driving machine is priced at $135,700.  This price not only includes its dynamic engine and smooth design, but an equally incomparable interior.  The driver will feel the ultimate comfort while experiencing the leisures of driver-relavent functions like a start/stop button.


Even companies such as the notorious Louis Vuitton, known for style, luxury and travel, have chosen to partner with “the world’s most progressive sports car.”  Louis Vuitton has created a tailor-made and naturally exclusive luggage set specifically designed to fit in the seats and storage compartments of the BMW i8.  The collection includes two beautiful travel bags, a business case and a garment bag.

The collection can be seen below.


For additional information on the BMW i8 visit BMW’s website.  To test drive the BMW i8 in North Scottsdale, visit BMW North Scottsdale’s website.

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