Festival of Speed This Weekend in Scottsdale

There is one criticism of the Phoenix Valley area that resounds and remains decade after decade, true as the solid desert rock upon which so much of our great city is built:  There is no real central hub, and all elements of culture and community are too far spread out.

While this criticism stands, it is also one of our strengths.  The great expanses of road, the wide open spaces, the long distances we travel on a daily basis, these are the things which lend to the existence of such a vibrant car culture in the Phoenix Valley area.

So the problem stands: Phoenix Valley automotive enthusiasts must create a place where we can come together, a place where we can celebrate the culture of the automobile in the warmth and freedom of our open southwestern landscape.  The good people and devoted car lovers at Scuderia Southwest have offered a solution: The annual Windgate Ranch festival of Speed in Scottsdale.

In their own words, Windgate Ranch Festival of Speed is “An excuse for car enthusiasts to get together and have a fun day, a showcase of the greatest sports cars, race cars, and classics from around the world.”  Of course the Phoenix Valley area is the most ideal place in the country to hold such an event, with our vibrant car and collecting culture, and our wealth of classic automobiles, preserved in pristine condition within the time capsule of the dry Arizona desert.

Some ntoable cars from past events include a 2008 Bugatti Veyron, a 1955 Mercedes 300SL Gullwing, and a 1964 Jaguar XKE.  A selection such as this offers a perfect representation of the brightest points across the time and space of the international luxury car industry.

When: March 24th, 2012 9am to 1pm

Where: 10095 E. Windgate Ranch Rd, Scottsdale

How: Entry fee is $35 per vehicle for those who wish to show their car(meal included), day of only(no advanced registration)

All money raised at the event will go directly to the 100 Club of Arizona.  A worthy charity with roots stretching back over 60 years, the 100 Club of Arizona is there to ease the pain of the family of those in fire, public safety or law enforcement who are injured or killed in the line-of-duty.

Phoenix Valley automotive enthusiasts can get more info at scuderiasw.com

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