Best Luxury Vehicles for Hikers


by: Lindsey Clingingbeard

Designed to take on mountainous terrain, these new luxury rides are perfect for escorting hikers to their outdoor excursions as the weather starts to cool in the Valley.

2013 Infiniti QX56

Those who live in the Valley are lucky enough to be near plenty outdoor attractions, from mountains for blazing the trails with their bikes to forest greenery enjoyable for camping trips. The 2013 Infiniti QX56 is the SUV to handle it all. With ample passenger space, family and friends can join you in the outdoors. The seven-speed transmission allows for smooth shifts, while the V8 engine powers your way. The interior is exactly what you would expect from Infiniti—polished with superb features such as heated leather seats, voice navigation, top of the notch airbags, and is equipped with a tri-zone automatic climate control. This vehicle has excellent storage for camping gear, and has intelligent brake assist and forward collision warning to make sure you get there safely.

2013 Platinum Ford F-250 Super Duty

Arizona has beautiful, open desert terrain—perfect for getting a little dirt on the tires of your ATV. Few pickup trucks have beds long enough to hold these all-terrain vehicles, but the Ford F-250 Super Duty, with its 8-foot bed, is the perfect vehicle of choice. This sleek, platinum truck has a V8 engine that makes it well equipped to handle towing, with telescopic rearview mirrors to keep an eye on your treasure. If you plan on heading to sand dunes or simply keep it local with the flat desert land, this 6-speed automatic transmission helps you navigate your way. Wherever you are going, this truck is perfect for bringing some four-wheel fun with you.

2013 Mercedes-Benz G550

With its steel body and commodious space, this Mercedes-Benz SUV is a luxury outdoor vehicle you can’t help but want. The 7-speed automatic transmission with all-wheel drive allows for versatility, and its adaptive braking technology will not only keep you safe, but get you where you want to go with no problem. From hill-start assist to automatic brake drying, no weather or terrain will be too much. Even driving through Scottsdale, its adaptive cruise control helps you navigate stop-and-go traffic. You will never feel like you cannot go anywhere, for this SUV has a mobile suspension that allows you to climb 80 percent inclines and handles any 54 percent lateral slopes. The springs and shock absorbers allow for extreme off-roading adventures. Reviewed as one of the most beautiful, capable cars Mercedes has ever made, this luxury vehicle is one that any adventurer will desire.

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