Four Unmissable Motorcycle Rides Through Arizona

Bikers riding on desert road
Written by Emila Smith

The unique landscapes found around Arizona make it a wonderful place to explore and travel. When you’ve got a motorcycle and you want to see remarkable sites, you don’t need to go farther than the boundaries of this beautiful state.

All around Arizona, there are different biomes and unique views that can be best seen from a motorcycle seat. Today, learn about these unmissable motorcycle rides in Arizona. By the time you complete this list, you’ll have a fantastic number of stories to tell!

Go For the Mountains: Phoenix to Show Low

If you’re ready to see various sites in Arizona and want to stick to well-maintained roads, the trip from Phoenix to Show Low is a great way to do just that. You’ll be going through the heart of nature here and will pass very few man-made structures along the way. The road climbs through decent elevation along the way and curves that even experienced riders will enjoy.

As the Motorcycle Safety Lawyers point out, in Arizona, only those under 18 must legally wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle. That being said, it is recommended that riders of all ages take safety precautions in the form of a helmet, protective glasses, or a transparent face shield.

Where To Go:

From Phoenix, head on US60E towards Mesa. Once you hit Globe-Miami, you’ll start seeing large vistas open up. From Globe, follow the switchback roads to the White Mountains. Here, you’ll be able to enjoy Pinetop and Show Low.

What You’ll See:

Along the 175-mile journey, you’ll get to see colorful scenery ranging from desert and mesa vistas to mountains. By the time you reach Show Low, you’ll see just why these areas are so popular with nature lovers. You might even want to get off your bike and do some hiking or camping before you head back on the road!

Scenic Sedona: Flagstaff to Sedona on 89

Following 89 from Flagstaff to Sedona is a favorite ride of many motorcyclists that have traveled in Arizona, and it’s not hard to see why. This road can get crowded during peak times of year because of how great it is, so you want to make sure that you are as vigilant as ever. There are some switchbacks as well as steep ascents and descents along the route.

Where To Go:

All you need to do is get on 89A outside of Flagstaff. Head towards Sedona, and enjoy the ride! If you need any mechanic work by the end of the ride, Sedona is not short on options.

What You’ll See:

The scenery along the entire route is beautiful. You’ll see everything from forests in Flagstaff to canyons around Sedona. As you go through different elevations, you’ll be met with a wonder of other sites. For example, old Creek Canyon, which you pass through on this drive, puts on a show of different types of trees, including aspens and maples. If you travel the road during the fall, you might even see the fall foliage.

From there, you’ll move into canyon vistas full of stunning rock formations, cacti, red rock canyons, and more. A lot of diversity can be seen along this route. If you want to see more, you can keep going all the way to Prescott.

Travel Route 66

Route 66 crosses through eight different states; many of the most memorable parts of the road can be found right in Arizona! Route 66 passes through Flagstaff, and that is the largest city along the road. Moving along the route in Arizona, in particular, allows you to see a delightful mix of Arizona terrain and enjoy stopping to check out some true Americana locations.

Where To Go:

If you want to follow Route 66 across the state, you’ll want to start in Lupton, located on the eastern border. From there, head west to follow Route 66 across the state. One detour worth taking is to the Petrified Forest National Park, where you can see ancient fossils before visiting the Painted Desert.

What You’ll See:

As you travel from Lupton to Holbrook to Winslow to Flagstaff, there are several places that you can stop along the way. In addition to the views that you’ll see from the fantastic Route 66, you can detour to see things like a 50,000-year-old meteor site. In addition, a variety of excellent destinations are just a short drive from Route 66, so you could extend this drive in a multi-day adventure if you wanted to.

Famous Views: Tortilla Flats

Finally, the last unmissable motorcycle ride that you’ll want to consider taking is a classic. This is an out-and-back ride that has been popular for many years. Due to tourism, it can be crowded at times, but the stunning mountain vistas are worth it. The roads have recently been repaved, but you’ll want to check their condition and the weather before heading out.

Where To Go:

To visit this classic route, start at Apache Trail in Apache Junction. Take Apache Trail Northeast. This route will end a few miles after Tortilla Flat; you’ll know when the pavement turns into a dirt road.

What You’ll See:

Here, you’ll see desert mountains, Canyon Lake, and some other scenic desert landscapes. In addition, you can experience twisting roads and the natural challenges of riding on Superstition Mountain. This iconic desertland road is a trip that every rider in Arizona should take.

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