Tory Burch: Classic & Eclectic

Though a very young brand, launched in 2004, Tory Burch is no doubt a front-runner in the world of fashion. The luxury lifestyle brand is “defined by classic American sportswear with an eclectic sensibility and attainable price point” according to the Tory Burch website. I would say that is most definitely a fair description, and part of the reason I am a fan. In an age when designer brands’ prices have skyrocketed and so many people own the same designer must-haves, I am drawn to Tory Burch because it is classic and eclectic meaning I can wear it without people knowing it is “designer” even though it is “designer” (because in the end what matters is that it suits my style regardless of price or name) and it still feels unique.

I really love a lot about this brand, everything from apparel to the tech accessories are fun, stylish, and well made.

This skirt is currently preorder only (available February 23rd) and I would suggest doing just that before they sell out because it is a must-have for spring. The mixing of classic tweed with edge via the fringed trim can make this skirt work in a million different ways: wear with a plain white tee and jeweled sandals for a fresh spring look or with a silk blouse and jacket for work.

I am a sucker for a good cardigan (my husband says I have a problem). The ribbing, blazer details, and geometric stitched pattern at the bottom make this cardigan unique and more than just any ol’ cardigan. And the color, it’s called ‘canyon’ and it is gorgeous.

This tunic has very cool embellishment with the ruffled-tassel neck tie. The print makes me want to grab a towel and an umbrella and head to the beach. However, this is definitely for the bold fashionista, as it is very busy (in a good way of course).

I realize that I sound overly excited about this, but I promise it is entirely genuine, Tory is one of my favorites.

The website describes this chain necklace as “unexpected” and I agree and that is what makes it so great … how many of your girlfriends are going to have this? Probably slim to none (unless of course they read this blog too).

Tory Burch is well known for her totes and the ease in which her handbags find their way into your wardrobe. It’s nice to have a bag you can use daily, feel stylish, and cool without all of the pretentiousness of some designer brands… and I would say that this ease is found in everything that Tory Burch creates.

To see all of these great looks up close and personal visit Tory Burch at Scottsdale Fashion Square or visit

By Kristianne Young

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