Super Obsessed and Broken Hearted over Max Studio Zulli

Brace yourself, as this tale is one of heartbreak and lessons learned, albeit hard ones.

For whatever reason that I have yet to discover, I’m apparently extraordinarily picky when it comes to finding the perfect pair of knee-high boots. Last fall, right around Aug. 2007, I fell head-over-heels in love with this pair of Max Studio “Zulli” boots, pictured above. They’re classic, yet different. Leather with the perfect heel height; everything I was looking for. Not wanting to splurge in Aug., and also feeling torn between the black and cream pair, I decided to wait.

As you can probably already see where this story is going, I waited too long. I searched high and low for a different pair of boots as at the time, I didn’t want to spend that much on this pair, and then resigned myself to go and purchase them. I went into Nordi’s ready to buy and found that they were, in fact, still there, but even pricier than I had originally thought.

I left without the boots. I spent longer looking for the perfect pair and couldn’t get these out of my head. I decided, if I’d thought about them for this long they were meant to be mine. This was before they were in the magazines, before editors raved about them, before they had even made their appearance on Gossip Girl, I spotted them for me.

So off to Nordi’s I went again. And they were gone. Mind you, no longer than two months had passed since I had originally spotted them. And yes, I think I even lost sleep over them.

I went home and looked online and couldn’t find them. Zappos only carried them in brown; I was looking for black. I looked online at Nordi’s and nothing. I called their customer service who let me know there was not one pair left in the entire country in my size. I couldn’t believe it! This could not be happening to me.

I went to the Max Studio Web site to order them and again, out of stock. So, last season, I didn’t buy any boots and pretty much cried myself to sleep about it.

This season, I’m still in desperate need of a pair of black leather knee-high boots and, having learned my lesson have decided if I’m struck in love as I was with the Max Studio Zulli, I will buy them on the spot, no matter what. Problem is, I can’t get the Zulli out of my head; I’m still searching for them! Nothing I’ve seen is good enough and I don’t know why I’m even so obsessed with these. Yes, they’re stunning but you would think after all the online shopping I’ve done, all the stores I’ve visited I would find something to compare? But I haven’t.

I looked on ebay for last season’s Zulli boots and found, absolutely nada. The sole place I discovered was with one pair….in a size 10, which I am not.

Max Studio Zulli size 8.5 in black, if you’re out there, please come find me. It’s September, a year since we’ve met and I’m still not over you. My crush turned lust turned super obsession has crossed into the realms of beyond reason. And I truly hope that someday soon I’ll be over you and have a happy ending.


  1. A similar alternative would be the Nine West Iwas boots… I have not seen them in person, but the styling appears quite similar (I found them as I was searching for the Zulli knowing nothing about the maker – only the style). Then you can leave JM’s 8s for me! 😉

  2. Have you seen the Nine West Iwas? From the pictures, it appears to be very similar in styling (I stumbled across it when I was looking for boots like a friend had, knowing nothing about the brand, only the styling).

  3. I finally put the black, size 8 ones on Ebay as item #190280346674.

    Hope someone loves ’em as much as my girlfriend loves the 8 1/2s…

  4. Wow .. uh. I was actually going on a hunt to buy these myself. I saw a very fashionable friend of mine strutting them and I went looking for them right away. I could tell she didn’t really want to give me the name. I know she spent a good $300.00 on them, since that was the original price Nordstrom was selling them for. Who could forget they spent $300.00 on them ?! I’m sorry to hear that, and I guess my wait will have to end after reading your depressing post. =/

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