Summer’s Best Wedges

Spring and summer footwear calls for two things: some sassy sandals and some super sexy wedges. Whether you call them espadrilles or wedges ( I prefer wedges just cause espadrilles is such a PIA to pronounce) what’s best about them is you get all the height without looking overdone. I mean, what else are you going to wear all those flirty skirts, teenie shorts and summer dresses with? They elongate your legs and make your feet look smaller too. Trust me, this is totally my favorite part about super tall shoes. Other than them being super sexy and adding some much-needed height that is. 

When it comes to wedges I say, the higher the better. The wedge makes them comfortable to walk in so even those who aren’t pros at walking in heels can pull them off. And without the torture to your feet too.

That being said, I’m not sure why but I can be really particularly about my wedges. Unless they’re sky-high I kinda feel like they look like shoes from Bakers. Or Payless. Yuck. Here’s a few of my faves:


This black Ash wedge from is a good casual sandal. $208.


If you’re brave enough to sport something super bold, these Christian Louboutin red patent ankle wrap espadrilles are fun and fashion forward. $495. Neiman Marcus.


I’m totally loving these Burberry black anklewrap wedges. They’re amazing. $650.Neiman Marcus. 


I do adore the metallic gold color of these Christian Louboutin platform espadrille slides. $475. Neiman Marcus. 


O.K. these Givenchy leather wedges are super cool. $795. Net-a-porter.


I’m not really into green shoes. Especially not green sandals. But these green chloe wedges are pretty sassy. $950. Net-a-porter.


They’re super high. And bright and summery. It’s like the perfect recipe for a great wedge in my book. Pucci cork wedges, $595. Net-a-porter.


At first glance, I didn’t even realize these were wedges. But these Fendi wedges definitely fit the bill and I like how classy they look. Definitely more of a dressy look than typical wedges. $840. Neiman Marcus.


These Gucci wedges are also pretty classy and dressy too. I’d wear them for a night out on the town. $895. Neiman Marcus. 


A brown wedge is a definite shoe staple. These Christian Louboutin brown espadrilles are a great casual pick. $495. Neiman Marcus.


These Bottega Veneta crocodile strappy wedges are trendy and cute. $1,650. Net-a-porter.


I saw these in Barbie hot pink and though I liked them, I couldn’t bring myself to post something so Barbie-ish. But this gold shade is absolutely darling. $640. Saks Fifth Avenue. Oh, and they come in black too. 


They’re funky but they’re way cool. Giuseppe Zanotti, $595. Saks Fifth Avenue.


They’re not a super high wedge but I do like these Kate Spade wedges. They’re also quite the classy sandal. $295. Saks Fifth Avenue.

  1. Wow so many crazy looking wedges. I go with the name wedges too! It is how everyone knows them.

  2. Wedges are perfect for when you’re going to be walking a lot but you still want heels. Perfect shopping around town shoe.

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