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With the New Year upon us it is likely that we are ready for newness, freshness, and the like. But sometimes old isn’t bad, as in the case of most things classic. Who doesn’t love a classic movie (Breakfast at Tiffany’s) or a classic song (“Ain’t No Sunshine”)? The same goes for classic pieces in your wardrobe, sometimes the new things you need are really just the classics (or basics): black pencil skirt, white button-up, trench coat etc.

Though it may sound like it, this is not the “10 Pieces You Need In Your Closet” post, but if you need a refresher check it out here, rather I want to talk about my choice stores to find these must-have basic, classic pieces.


For years, Gap and Banana Republic have been some of my absolute favorite places to shop. For many, what seems to be a steady stream of the same silhouettes in different colors is actually the perfect opportunity to stock up on pieces that will last a several seasons and even better several years. You can be certain going in that you’ll find button-ups, slacks, dark-wash denim and a neutral color palette that will allow you to mix and match (think Navy, Black, White, Red etc.). Not to mention Banana’s great work-wear options!

At J. Crew, $398

J. Crew provides the best of both worlds: crazy colors and prints in classic silhouettes. Where else can you find a classic wool flannel schoolboy blazer and fuchsia windowpane tailored capri’s under the same roof?


One store that took classic to an entirely new level is UNIQLO. Tadashi Yanai opened the first store in Hiroshima, Japan with the intention of selling clothes that “transcend all categories and social groups.” This resulted in a clothing store made up of clothes that are “simple and essential yet universal, so people can freely combine them in their own unique style.” Everything from their cashmere sweaters to their designer projects are made to embody some classic element whether color, cut, silhouette, or fabric.


Kate Spade might not be the first brand to pop into your head when thinking classic pieces (or maybe it is the first thing to pop into your head…who am I to say), but whether it is or isn’t… it is. Okay, I’ll stop with the crazy word games and get to the point, which is that Kate Spade has a fun array of shift dresses, pleats, bows, collars stripes, cardigans, and more. If you are looking for a sassy but sophisticated twist on the classics this is definitely the place.

By Kristianne Young

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