Rachel Zoe Pregnant & Brad Bids Goodbye

Hold the presses… I must take a pause in the Paris fashion week reviewing schedule to touch on a very buzzed about topic…really it’s “everything”. Fans of The Rachel Zoe Project were delighted and surprised to hear last week that RZ is preggers! Yes, it’s true, time to break out the size 2 clothing because Ms Rosenzweig is about three months in, so we should be seeing an itty- bitty bump soon. But really it’s nothing that a vintage Halston, fur vest or Chanel jacket can’t hide.

The pregnancy news comes right on the Brian Atwood heels of season three of TRZP cliffanger… Will she or won’t she was the topic on everyone lips as Rodg and Rach hugged on the terrace in the final scene. And let’s not forget Brad, dear Brad… how I adore thee let me count the ways. It seemed in the final episode that Brad was wearing a little thin as the cheerleader/ Fashion Director at team Zoe. Let’s review some of his quotes from the season finale shall we?

“I am so in love with my boyfriend and my dogs I feel like I want a lot more of that time.”

“Hearing Rachel list off our schedule first thing in the morning, like, before I’ve even gotten the crusties out of my eyes is kind of like living in a nightmare.”

“I don’t feel like I’ve had a break in about a year.”

“There’s really never any time to breathe and I’m starting to feel suffocated.”

“I wonder if I can just call a taxi company and go home. Am I turning into Taylor?”

Of course all of the fans fears came to fruition on Oct 1 when via People Magazine it was announced that Brad was leaving RZ Inc. He said that Rachel taught him everything he knew but it was his time for him to spread his wings and see what he could do on his own… okay so I am paraphrasing big time but you get the idea.

Since then of course more stories have surfaced that Zoe is a tad jealous (and maybe the split not so amiable) because Goreski had landed a coveted feature in the NY Times Style section…something that Zoe has never done (uh hello the Vogus spread wasn’t enough for ya?) and she was a tad peeved that Brad has garnered so much attention without two PR firms behind him. There are even rumors of Brad having is own reality show. Either way as fans we are left wondering… who will ever replace Brad? And will the show go on now that Zoe is pregnant?

I mean, If Rodger was pissed about having an entourage in his house last season, how about sharing your whole family with your entourage? In the meantime RZ has stated that she will be going on full time maternity leave after the Academy Awards and doesn’t plan on returning until late fall of 2011. So tell me what will Demi do? Well, she did heart Brad profusely did she not?

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