New Denim Obsession – DL1961

After a Halloween weekend of candy gluttony I am thankful this morning for my stretch denim. Nothing is worse than a little post holiday muffin top, or that feeling of being bound by ones own wardrobe. On this particular occasion, I blame my hubby who was suffering from a bad back and was sequestered to the couch with a heating pad for the most the weekend, which means that his favorite comfort foods are all he wants to help nurse him back to health. Of course his idea of culinary happiness is pizza… and peanut butter cups, caramel filled chocolates and maybe a few m & m’s thrown in… and of course he doesn’t feel fully happy unless I am right there with him to share in the joy despite my protests for something a bit healthier than pizza (notice how I didn’t say healthier than peanut butter cups?). So after two days of repeated tumbling from the greens and protein wagon, I need some denim forgiveness.

Normally a girl wants her jeans to fit properly but as mentioned, I am only hoping for a little sagging in all the right places. I find with any kind of stretchy jean normally by the end of the day you realize that you could have worn a diaper or an adult bladder control garment and no one would have noticed… based of course on just how baggy your bum becomes. But, for those days that I do hit the gym and eat my veggies, I was very delighted to read about the denim brand DL1961. Apparently these babies are constructed with a four way stretch fabric that holds it’s shape from beginning to end without all the horrifying booty stretching and sagging. And the best thing about their styles is they are super clean silhouettes that will pair well with just about anything.

If you love a straight leg then you will adore the Grace straight leg jean with it’s minimal design and super slimming cut. On Shopbop it’s paired with a slouchy tee and a fur vest by Ambre Babzoe for a ultra cozy winter daytime look.

But if you are still liking your boot cuts for that long and lean effect the Cindy slim boot cut is the best of both worlds, cut slim in the thigh with a tad bit of flare at the end for the most elongated line.

Or maybe the Kim skinny Jean is more your thing with slim styling and curve hugging tailoring. This style looks great dressed up or down with a silk blouse or a casual sweater.

And lastly for the girl who likes to show off her curves, the Emma legging jean. This is one of the more sophisticated legging cuts I have seen lately and without all the extra stitching or details it makes for a very versatile style.

All the DL1961 jeans mentioned are available on

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