Local Designer Illustrates the Complicated Relationship of Technology & In-Person Communication Through Fashion

Bethany Garvey, bCaptured Photography

Phones, computers and tablets can almost count as daily necessities in our modern world.

While cell phones are arguably taking precedence over keys or lipstick in a handbag, designers are sending models down the runway precipitously snapping selfies. In everyday life, it’s not uncommon to have an in-person conversation without a computer or mobile device within reach.

It’s these types of daily interactions and observations during a trip to Singapore that led Lana Gerimovich of Alis Fashion Design to explore the relationship between technology and human communication through fashion.

Models take selfie with mobile phones during the parade at the end of the Dolce & Gabbana Spring/Summer 2016 collection during Milan Fashion Week
Models take selfies at Dolce & Gabbana Spring/Summer 2016 show. Photo: Time.

“When I was in Singapore, a city of new development and technology, everyone on the trains there is focused on mobile devices rather than human-to-human contact,” Gerimovich said. “I just thought about the good old days when people interacted more in person.”

Back home in Arizona at her Old Town boutique that specializes in bespoke one-of-a-kind clothing, Gerimovich decided to translate her thoughts creatively in a local photo shoot called “Beauty is a Distraction.”

Photographed by Bethany Garvey, a man and a woman dressed in bespoke looks from Alis Fashion Design are seen at various local areas. Distracted by his phone, the man at first ignores the beautiful girl next to him, until he finally puts his phone down and notices her at the end.

Bethany Garvey, bCaptured Photography
Bethany Garvey, bCaptured Photography

Waiting at the Sycamore/Main St. light rail station, she wears a bespoke rock-ability 50-60s’ retro-style dress with pin-up top and swing skirt.

Bethany Garvey, bCaptured Photography
Bethany Garvey, bCaptured Photography

At Tempe Beach Park, she wears a bespoke two-piece outfit of a white crop top and cigarette pants.

Bethany Garvey, bCaptured Photography
Bethany Garvey, bCaptured Photography

Finally, he realizes her in a stunning evening wear two-piece of a black French lace top and an high-waisted A-line skirt at the Mesa Arts Center Kaori Takamura exhibit.

“Wouldn’t it be wonderful if beauty was our distraction? “ asks Garvey. “Whether it’s a moment to stop and admire nature, art, or a beautiful man or woman in the park … we all need that.  It gives us a moment to pause and can even draw us to each other.”

Designer | Lana Gerimovich, Alis Fashion Design
Photographer | Bethany Garvey, bCaptured Photography
Wardrobe Stylist | Jessica Edmunds
Model | Nicole Volhart (Fashion Marketing Student at Art Institute of Phoenix)
Male Model | Aleksandr Sasha Kuznetsov
HMUA | Adrianne Brees

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