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So I have been seeing tweets from one of my favorite off the charts, over the top Project Runway alums Christian Siriano taking about Send the Trend. So what is it you may ask? This genius of fashion options was founded by Divva Gugnani media personality and the creator of Behind the Burner, Mariah Chase and Siriano himself. Behind the Burner recently raised a half a million dollars in angel funding in 2008 and another $300,000 to launch Send the Trend…and we are happy they did!

Send the Trend is a fabulous new website that launched just mere moments ago (in the grand scheme of the time –space continuum that is) First the site takes you through a short survey of your accessory likes etc then it picks out five different accessories for you from rings to bracelets, earrings, scarves and so on, and then you can buy the item for a mere $30. Yes just thirty buckaroos!

“We simplify the discovery process of finding the season’s best accessories & serve you five customized options based on your style survey,” says the company. The survey takes all of 45 seconds. You are asked things like your favorite brands/retail stores (are you Jcrew or H&M?), favorite celebrity look (Reese Witherspoon or Sarah Jessica Parker?), office v. casual, etc. And then you’re presented with the goods.
Siriano the resident fashion designer for the company works with well- known brands to create unique and exclusive accessories for the site. When you sign up you will receive exclusive deals each month and emails with handpicked items that match your profile. Of course you can skip or select items as you like.

On a side note: The beautiful and formerly local Agency AZ model Sarae (who is currently appearing on Project Runway) graces the gallery of the STT site… so kudos to her!

After doing the brief (and fun) survey that takes all of say 30 seconds to complete these are a few of the items that were sent to me… mostly black of course, but I have to say I heart them all!

And FYI Mr Siriano has been tweeting a special code, so use it while you can STTCHRISTIAN for fab discounts.

Plus I hear that the person who invites the most friends to sign up will be entered for a chance to attend the Christian Siriano 2011 at NY fashion week and to meet the man himself! So get on it kids

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