Fashion Fawning

When you are a die-hard fashion lover like I am there is an ever growing list of things that you are currently obsessing over, need to try, and must-have. This list is also ever changing with each season (much like my closet). Thanks to my favorite glossies, bloggers, style role models, and social networks I’m able to keep up with all the newest looks and piecs that will surely become part of The List.

So today I thought I would share with you what I’m currently fawning over!

I talked about the idea of pairing sweaters with skirts in a recent post, but have yet to try it. One of my favorite personal style bloggers Rachel from Pink Peonies does it oh so well in an oversize LOVE sweater and hot pink pencil skirt. The mixing of the casual with the dressy is perfection…. Not to mention I’m also obsessed with the sweaters that have text/sayings etc!

Being that I am not only in love with but addicted to basic pieces the button-up trend is at the top of my list these days! And get this, they come in more than just standard white! J. Crew, Nordstrom, and of course Ralph Lauren all have a wonderful selection to choose from…. I’m totally into this pink Thomas Mason open check button-up a la J. Crew.

If you know me then you know that I die for glitter nail polish… And with fall in almost full force copper glitter polish seems to be just the thing I need. You can do oh so much with it: add it to an emerald manicure, layer it to your heart’s content, or give your self glitter tips….oh the copper possibilities.

Leather is a fall staple, but you won’t find me in the leather leggings (especially at my failed attempt at summer dieting and exercising). Instead I’m excited to try my hand at a leather vest, an appropriate piece of outerwear for a place that doesn’t get too cold too quickly. I may even get crazy and pair with a dress…

Lastly, I have found myself day dreaming about cutting all my hair off like my fave actress Anne Hathaway… There is something bold and sexy about a boyish cut. Of course this will never happen but a girl can dream.

What obsessions, trends, and must-haves are on your list? Have you tried any of the items on my list?

By Kristianne Young

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