5 Ways to Wear a Wide Leg

Yesterday I was on an amazing shoot with three very lovely models. And although I am used to being surrounded by long lanky limbs and sixteen year olds that tower over me, somehow yesterday was even more exaggerated. The volumes of waist length hair and legs that lasted forever began to give me a short/bald girl complex by the end of the day.

Today, yes I am over it, I am what I am…. which is not a giant, and I don’t have to be, besides before I beat myself up I have to realize not every long legged girl can wield a mean makeup brush either. One of my favorite trends that we highlighted in the shoot was the reemergence of the wide leg pant. In the late eighties and early nineties I had tons of them and when you are wearing heels nothing makes you look longer and slimmer. Of course the look is not for everyone, it’s best on a slim to medium build and definitely not for anyone too petite unless of course you are into wearing clothes that make you look like a ten year old playing dress up.

Today I spied a great editorial on shopbop.com highlighting the wide leg pant. So if you are curious or already on board with this trend here are a few ideas to add to your wardrobe come Spring.

I just loved this look featuring Rachel Palley wide leg trousers. Pair is with a Milly Nautical top and flats for sailor inspired chic.

Does anything look as fresh and crisp as a perfect pair of white pants? I think not, sadly in my makeup profession white and I do not mix, but if I was to choose these Jenni Kayne flare trousers would be at the top of my list. Pair them with a floaty top in a silk or silk jersey for the perfect sunny weather combo.

For the office match up these Diane Von Furstenberg Simca flares with a knit top and a structured blazer like this one from Phillip Lim. It looks classic and sophisticated but not stuffy.

For the extreme fashionista, these ultra flare Sierra Pants by Young, Fabulous & Broke make a gorgeous flowing statement rather like a hip, modern F. Scott Fitzgerald girl

Or if you prefer the denim route these Jackie Sailor Pants by Dsquared lend a long and lean look and work well with almost anything in your closet, tee’s, jackets or slouchy sweaters.

For more info visit shopbop.com

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