Jersey Shore Halloween Costumes

As noted yesterday, I haven’t had much time to ponder this years Halloween Costume, but I can say with absolute certainty that after a tad bit of research that Lady Gaga and Snooki are leading the pack for women’s costumes. So after a list of remarkably entertaining Gaga options yesterday today it’s a whole lotta Jersey.

If you too are just bursting to flex your bump-it in public here’s the moment you have been waiting for. Emulating Sooki, J Woww, Sammy or Angelina could not be easier with a few key essentials.

First off, being pale just isn’t in the Jersey girl vocabulary, which means you shouldn’t even think about leaving your abode without a slathering of self tanner. But buyer beware, not just any self tanner will do, this one has to be a “bronzy” as possible and double dipping your tanning cream or mousse by following up with a powder bronzer is a must do.

Of course no Garden State girl would be caught dead without eyeliner and lashes so be sure to lay it on thick, top and bottom with a good hearty dose of white shimmer on the inner corners of the eye to make those smokey eyes pop! And of course don’t forget the gloss, the pinker, the shinier the better.

Down at the shore there is only one hair color these days and it’s certainly not for wallflower, those locks must be as jet black as possible and the higher the bump the closer to heaven as they say…

As there is only one hair color…there is practically only one fabric… you guessed it..lycra/jersey… the tighter the better and if you can swing an animal print the bonus points are yours. But almost any bright color in the rainbow wheel will work….hot pink, green, red… go for it! Pair your lycra mini with super high chunky heels and extra large hoop earrings, big cross necklaces and even a few matching rings and bracelets… The Jersey motto might as well be more is more.

For the guys, if you are thinking about stepping into The Situations shoes for a night invest in a good goopy hair gel and a dark self tanner. Since you will no doubt be showing those six pack abs a little bit of contour and highlight powder can do wonders to enhance definition and diminish any love handles you might want to hide.

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