The Tackiest Jeans Ever

Feeling very sleepy from another night of insomnia, I sat at my computer this morning ready to put mani to keyboard on another delightful fashion topic when an email caught my eye. “Denim Disasters: The Ugliest Jeans Ever” from the Refinery 29 newsletter. Forget about being a stylist, or a blogger or a lover of fashion this one was just simple freakish fascination that I had to see… I mean we all have fashion disasters from time to time and in retrospect at least one time we have all gone down a fashion road frightening enough to make our friends not even want to be seen with us. What could be so terrible I thought? I myself have worn a few pairs of denim over my lifetime that today makes me cringe. Here we go fashion fans, from Refinery 29 some of the ugliest jeans moi’ has seen in…well ever?

I remember having a pair of Guess pants in the 80’s that had a super high waist, because I was so ultra thin at the time friends joked that I needed a belt so that people could tell where my boobs stopped and my waist began… these though, are a whole other story, who’s waist is this long I wonder?

Now these are something that my 78 year old mother might actually like when she can’t zip up her pants anymore… they are called “Chic Womans Pull Ons” I hate to see the “chic” wardrobe of whoever named these!

I don’t get these at all Afflction T wearing guys, was your cyborg skin torn off ?

In the words of Refinery 29 “The boys at Dolce & Gabbana are responsible for this one. We’re thinking about initiating a letter writing campaign for these pants’ atrocities against humanity.” Enough said.

Okay on Brad Pitt in Fight Club I could have handled these, but otherwise? No

Just the other day I was working on a fashion show with an LA/NY crew and I was admiring the slouchy black cotton capri’s that the two stylist had on, thinking those would be great for summer, easy breezy… but these little babies seem to take it a step further…roomy enough to stash the things that didn’t fit into your clutch bag,,, or even an adult diaper perhaps.

Feeling too tall, try these lovlies and you are guaranteed to shrink a few feet… not even stiletto heels can save these squatty looking jeans.

I hate cheap lace, I hated lace leggings last year and these are atrocious…please explain how something can look so sleazy and dated and dowdy at the same time?

While we are on the subject of sleazy…. Real thongs showing are bad enough, do we really need help looking tacky?

Normally Yohji is a master, but I wonder was there a bad dream about ninja’s fighting rappers that resulted in these?

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