“Sex” 3 & Carrie Bradshaw Math

I don’t know about you, but on a late night when I have insomnia, or a rainy day when all I want to do is curl up with a good movie I can easily watch episodes of Sex And The City over and over… or I can even watch the first SATC Movie numerous times…. nothing really compares to those fab four women in my favorite city- from the clothes, to the shoes, to the men and the brunch conversations… does anything on TV now even come close on the fun yet intelligent meter?

So I was somewhat mutually excited and confused when I saw the post below on Marie Claire UK reporting Sarah Jessica Parker is entertaining a Sex and The City 3. Not that I hated SATC2 mind you, it was a fun ride…. but really a 3?

Nearly a year after the second film’s release, Sarah Jessica Parker has opened up about the possibility of a third movie, admitting she thinks there is still ‘one more small, important story to tell’.

For months rumors have been rife that the four fabulous SATC girls could be set for a reunion, with film bosses refusing to rule out the possibility of making a third movie.

Then came rumors of a prequel based on Carrie’s teenage years – with Gossip Girl Blake Lively reportedly being lined up to land the lead.

Now Sarah Jessica Parker has finally spoken out about plans for a third movie, revealing she’s enjoyed ‘pondering’ over Sex and the City 3.

SJP also admitted she thinks there may be one last story to tell, but remained tight-lipped on exactly what that could be.
‘I think there is perhaps one more small, important story to tell,’ she reportedly revealed to MTV. ‘Whether or not we choose to do that and when we choose to do that remains, obviously, the unknown, but it’s nice to ponder.’

‘I think it always comes down to story and what is the story people want to tell,’ she said, adding that she would be open to the possibility of another actor playing her part.

‘Obviously I feel proprietary in the best possible way about the entire franchise as it were, but I think there are lots of talented storytellers and obviously lots of talented actors who might be a part of it,’ she said.

Then over on The Frenemy a hilarious albeit irreverent and often foul mouthed account of how exactly Ms Bradshaw (before the marriage to Big) lived such a luxe and fashionable lifestyle cranking out only one column a month.

This is edited way down from The Frenemy for cleanliness and does not necessarily reflect the view of this Style Files writer… enjoy!

“Stop trying to pretend that you can live in New York and have this overly successful life based on writing alone. It’s a cruel joke! It hurts my feelings! Every writer, including myself, moves to NYC and feels oftentimes homeless. A good day is when you don’t think ‘maybe I should cook these garbage rats for sustenance’ and a great day is ‘i have 35 dollars

Okay: Carrie writes one thing every week for a crappy newspaper. That can’t really pay a lot, huh? I’m going to be SUPER generous, because she’s been doing it for years and I guess people like her. I’d say a nice paycheck for a newspaper column is about 200 now, but let’s say the economy was way better in 1998 and she could get 500 dollars a week for it. That means she makes about 2,000 dollars a month.

I’ll be super generous and give her 4,000 dollars, because everybody loves Carrie and everybody raves about her but I always find her voiceovers really boring.

New York State Taxes, and this was in almost 12 years ago so i’ll say she probably lost 4% every dollar. Take off $150 per paycheck.

Now she has 3,850 dollars. She lives in a swanky one bedroom And it’s huge!, Granted, the apartment is probably rent controlled, but it’s on the UPPER EAST SIDE = expensive.

Right now, an apartment her size would cost 2,400. But real estate used to be better so I’ll say that the apartment was 1,800.
So NOW, has 2,050 a month to spend on **** And if I hadn’t been generous and doubled her income, she would have had 50 dollars left.

gas/electric: 75.00 a month
At least one pair of stilettos: $800 but you buy like 35 Carrie and some of them are nice and others are like really? Feathers what?
All the cabs: 8 dollars a ride- you use it every day why don’t you just take the subway?
Cosmopolitans in Manhattan: 12 dollars a drink what a rip off
Plus according to The Frenemy Carrie spends millions on “Stupid Clothes” Thus, I (The Frenemy) have come to the conclusion that you are in 3,000,000,000,000 in DEBT”

I guess Carrie needed Mr Big after all… even if Aidan was cuter.

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