Roberto Cavalli Writes Autobiography

A few months ago, fashion lovers everywhere scrambled to get their hands on Grace Coddington’s memoirs, appropriately titled Grace: A Memoir, for the inside scoop on what really goes on inside the fashion industry. Curiosity about Coddignton’s life was spurred by the fashion documentary The Septemeber Issue (though many true fashion lovers and industry professionals will tell you that Grace was a star far before we saw her wildly lovely red locks and love for all black in the film).

Grace Coddington

With the masses on high alert searching for any and every bit of information they can get their hands on about what lies behind the fantastical scenes seen on runways and in magazines, it is no doubt that Roberto Cavalli’s memoir will be just as popular.


Cavalli tells VOGUE U.K. a bit about what fans and readers can expect:

“In a few months, you will know everything,” Cavalli told us. “I don’t know why I decided to do it – I guess I had something to write. It doesn’t really talk about fashion though, it talks about me and my life.”


Currently, the 300-page memoir is planned to launch in Italian and German as its subject searches for a British publisher to market a UK version. We just hope that he’s chosen to expand upon his time as a teenage heartthrob – a subject he was effusive about last week.


“When I was young – well I am still a little boy – but when I was younger, I was a little playboy from Florence,” he recalled. “I used to take the hand of a woman, look into her eyes and tell her about her future. I bought a book about fortune-telling. I swear sometimes I was right – a woman speaks with her eyes.”

By Kristianne Young

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