8 of the Worst Celebrity Halloween Costumes

I’m not sure if I am paying more attention this year but everyone is talking about Halloween much more. Last year my team of artists certainly had our hands full the weekend of Halloween primping and painting up a slew of clients.

But the awful truth is that even though I enjoy getting other people gussied up, Halloween has never been my favorite holiday. When I was a kid my Mom always came up with the most creative costumes. One year I was the comedian Phyllis Diller complete with cigarette holder and heels…. If it was today someone would have found it massively inappropriate, but at the time it was just divine.

My Mom’s distinct flare was always so gregarious that as an adult my feeling is always- go big or go home and it just makes me shudder to see all the half-way costumes that are thrown together haphazardly. And putting the word “sexy” before a costume for me is a way of saying, I have no imagination, I am totally lazy but I also think I’m hot!

Even celebrities with plenty of dough to spend on an amazing costume often make really bad costume choices too. Here are some of the bad, worse and ugly celebrity get ups.

Ok Ice-T and Coco Halloween is not the time to drag out your personal bedroom antics, how about a costume that’s really a costume instead of something from your regular lingerie drawer?

Of course not to be outdone, Mariah went with another “sexy” outfit,,,this time it was a Fireman, but at least her boy Nick rounded out the look with the full get up.

Then there’s this dreadful costume donned by Christina Millan, I am not quite sure what this is all about…is this a “sexy” ladybug?

Then there’s Angie Harmon so gorgeous and a killer bod but her confusing punk/abusive girlfriend/ drag queen wig look isn’t quite working.

I will give it to Pink, she was almost there with the sad clown ensemble but something went wrong…. this costume definitely proves that yes, clowns ARE scary!

Then there’s Aaron Carter, okay I know there are some people in the world that think you are a stud, but this ill-fitting tricked out pimp look is abysmal and ill fitting at best… next time, just show off those twelve pack abs you have been working on.

I know I am treading on dangerous ground here, and I don’t like to speak ill of the deceased, but this costume on Brittney Murphy from a few years ago was done with such half heartedness all I can say is yikes!

And lastly, Jessica Alba you pretty little thing, why did you even bother to call it a costume at all? I know you are supposed to be Dora the Explorer, but really a black wig and a trip to American Apparel to buy a pink tee and shorts does not a costume make.

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