What Were the Most In-Demand Beauty Products of 2021?

From cult favorites to the latest trends, there seems to be limitless beauty brands and products on the market these days. But which are the most popular?

Cosmetics surgery experts Tajmeeli sought to uncover which beauty products were the most in-demand for consumers in 2021.

Utilizing global Google search data, Tajmeeli identified the top beauty products from almost 30 favorite brands, based on those that had the largest increases in online searches over the past 12 months.

The findings discovered the 160 most-searched beauty products of the year, including brand and type, where Estée Lauder snagged the highest number of in-demand products, followed by Charlotte Tilbury, Smahsbox, Clinique and MAC. Lipstick was the top product type searched for by consumers interested in beauty.

Check out the full report, including specific products, here.

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