The Top 15 Beauty Trends of 2015

Beauty in 2015 brought us back to the classics (think red lipstick or sultry smoky eyes), but also pushed our creative bounds with new trends and techniques, like strobing and candy-colored hair.

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By tracking mentions, likes and comments throughout the year across the Web and social media, The Lipstick Index has compiled the most popular beauty trends of 2015. Count down with us and see which trends you’ve tried.

#15. Smoky Eyes     
The smoky eye is here to stay. Instagram lit up throughout 2015 with mentions and tags of smokey eye tutorials, makeup-of-the-day posts and shadow palettes, peaking in October during Halloween.

#14. Lip Balm
Keeping chapped lips at bay with the best lip balm products was important to beauty fanatics, with Nivea, Eos and Maybelline stealing their hearts.

#13. False Lashes
No smoky eye (#14) was complete without a set of glamorous falsies! The leading hashtags for these looks were #lashesfordays and#lashesonfleek

#12. Hair Extensions
Everything from wigs, weaves to Keratin extensions can be found under the uber popular hashtag #FakeHairDontCare.

#11. Mineral Makeup
Perhaps a reason why mineral makeup skyrocketed in popularity during the beginning of November is because of its neutralizing properties for sensitive skin during the drier, colder weather.

#10. Long Nails
Whether they were Kylie Jenner-inspired or not, long nails were seen in all shapes in sizes. Simply search #nailporn or #nailsofinstagram to find extra-long stiletto or coffin nails.

#9. Red Lipstick
Proving that a bold red lip never goes out of style, red lipstick shows up the best in photos with MAC Cosmetics having the most mentions.

#8. Bangs
Across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, people debated, asked opinions and gave advice on if they should get bangs and how to style them.

#7. Purple Hair
Celebrities like Nicole Richie, Katy Perry and Britney Spears jumpstarted the all-lilac hair trend.

#6. Straight Hair
Many results for straight hair also contain words like hair vitamins, length check, and healthy hair journey.

#5. Short Hair
Search the tag #shorthairdontcare, and scroll through endless pics of cute bobs and pixies or edgy buzz cuts and lobs.

#4. Contouring
Thanks to Kim K., we learned how to craftily sculpt our faces with makeup to create the illusion of the defined cheekbones and symmetry of a supermodel.

#3. Strobing
Going head to head with contouring, strobing snagged third place with the most social media mentions of the year.

#2. Braids
Thanks to the myriad of ways you can make a braid, popular styles like French braids, and fishtail braids all snagged top spots.

#1. Nail Art
Finally; what may come as no surprise to some, nail art rang in as the #1 spot as the most consistent beauty trend throughout 2015.

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