Stila Cosmetics Spring 2009 Collection

I heart Stila cosmetics. And this March, Stila is introducing a few new treats for all of us to enjoy. Here’s a quick preview of what to look forward to from Stila in March. And, a quick rundown Stila Pro Artist, Sarah Lucero, on some of Spring 2009’s top beauty trends.

A few spring 2009 beauty trends:

Glowing skin: The spring runways were awash in fresh, glowing skin. Makeup artists looked to illuminating foundations to get that extra glow. Gone was the wintry look of matte powders and foundations.

Pearlescence and shimmer: Along with glowing skin, shimmery and pearlescent looks were also popular on spring runways. Try some of Stila’s new pearlescent lip glosses and shimmery eye shadows to get these looks.

Navy eyes: It might sound a bit dramatic, but navy eyes were also all the rage at fashion week. If you don’t want to go for an all-over smudged look, try wetting your eyeliner brush and using the shadow as liner instead.

This March, Stila Cosmetics is introducing a few new items to its collection of already supercool stuff to help you achieve some of spring’s hottest looks. Be sure to check out their new:


Pearl shimmer lip gloss. A set of four natural lip colors in sorbet-like shades that have a lovely pearlescent sheen. The glosses are$22 each.


Precious pearl pallette. Six new eye shadow shades can be found in each of the new palletes that can be mixed and matched for hundreds of different possible looks.The pallettes come in a 1930’s vintage compact replica and the lid is made of real Mother of Pearl. Precious Pearl Palletes are $40 each.

Smudge pot in pomegrante: Since pomegranate is a natural antioxidant and anti-inflamatory, the pomegranate extract used in Stila’s smudge pots soothe the eyelids and the lightweight formula is perfect for use as eyeliner and blending. The effect is an intense and dramatic eye pop. Smudge pots in pomegranate are $20 each.


Pomegranate crush lip and cheek stain: Stila’s new pomegranate crush and lip cheek stain leaves behind a perfect shade of deep plum to your cheeks and pout. The pomegranat crush lip and cheek stain goes for $24.

Convertible mascara: It wouldn’t be a complete set of new products without a mascara in the lineup. Stila’s new convertible mascara is an innovative formula that’s sweat-proof, water-resistent and smudge-proof. The double-sided wand has one brush for lengthening the lashes and the other for volumizing. Stila convertible mascar is $22.

  1. I love playing with makeup! And thank god for that “glowing skin” trend. It’s too hard to be matte all day in this heat!

  2. I love Stila! My first favorite eye shadow freshman year of high school was this hazel goldish color they sell..I used to put on my eyes every day (no joke). But since they come in a soft case they tend to break a lot :-/

  3. I have a Stila eye shadow pallette from about 5 years ago and its still my favorite thing – it just doesnt run out.

  4. Navy Eye Liner and Mascara Looks Amazing!! I really want to try that pomegranate lip and cheek stain, hmmm i wonder how this would look!

  5. I love those new stila products. I love doing my eyes up with eye shadows and this looks like a perfect compliment! The lip gloss looks so pretty! It will be a great compliment to the eye shadows.

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