Sephora’s New iPad App

Okay, I will come clean, I still don’t have an iPad. Yes it’s true, I have talked about getting one since I heard the first inklings about it. But, for whatever reason I just haven’t taken the step……silly I know. Soon it will all be remedied and soon I will be able to enjoy all of the trappings that tablet life has to offer.

And being a makeup junkie there are plenty of trappings out there just calling me. One of the latest is by Sephora. The beauty superstore is now making it even easier to shop for all of those must have shadows, lipsticks and polishes along with skin care, fragrances and the like.

Most people that know me well know that I rarely frequent the actual Sephora stores, not because I don’t think they are wonderful…. rather after owning a store and developing a hefty obsession with cleaning tester units and disinfecting brushes I can’t bear to see a messy display unit or watch customers defile a poor defenseless lipstick, mascara or foundation sample…. But I digress that is a story for another day. I do however love to see the latest and greatest that Sephora has to offer and who can pass up those great incentives or gifts with purchase? Not I.

Though Sephora already introduced an iPhone app last year, the iPad app offer customers a more extensive experience. Bridget Dolan Vice President of Interactive Media for Sephora told Women’s Wear Daily that it’s “a fully integrated digital beauty experience,” Dolan noted that the app brings together exclusive Sephora social content, e-commerce and an interactive catalogue, as well as how-to videos.

“Digital is where we see retail going in the future, and we will continue to look for ways to enhance our position in this space,” said Dolan. “We want to bring together our power in-store and in social media, and make sure we’re solidifying our position as a leader.”

The new app offers the following perks for the Sephora shopper:
Sephora’s Facebook and Twitter feeds will be refreshed in real time on the app; the retailer’s BeautyTalk community Beauty and the Blog Web site, and Sephora’s newly revamped YouTube Channel will automatically update each time the app is accessed.

The app can also be tailored to show only the content that individual users want, for a personalized experience, said Dolan. The interactive digital category will not only feature beauty products, how-to videos and application tips, but also recipes, travel suggestions and other lifestyle-oriented material.

For users with iPad 2, the app offers a side-by-side virtual mirror so users can follow along with the how-to videos while creating the look on themselves, as well as a scan feature which reads QR and the barcodes of any product in Sephora doors to read real-time ratings and reviews.
Source material: Women’s Wear Daily

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