Savage Society: A Salon for the Modern Man

Written by Erica Matta

Why do most men associate pain with waxing instead of the fabulous results (smooth, clean, and hairless)? “Kelly Clarkson!!!” – that’s why. The iconic 40 Year Old Virgin scene is no good for us estheticians, although great for the smile lines! What most men don’t know is that body grooming does not, and in fact, should not be painful. Sure, waxing is no walk in the park, but screaming, bleeding, and trauma…definitely not OK! We know the stereotype around male waxing, therefore, we take extra steps to ensure men have as great of an experience as possible when coming to see us at Savage Society Salon. 

With over a dozen years in the hair removal industry, the brand was carefully designed around welcoming men, creating a dynamic culture, and delivering a 5 star service every time. We understand that skincare and body grooming has mainly targeted women. When going to a waxing franchise, it is not uncommon to see 95% or more female clientele, pink colors, light pop music, and girly taglines. Waxing is intimidating enough for a man, again, thanks Steve Carell, but throw in a “woman-mostly” feel, and men would rather take some clippers to the abdomen or a razor to the thunder-down-under. Keeping this in mind, Savage Society Salon welcomes men. Our products are handpicked for them, and all additional services outside of waxing are thoughtfully offered: body hair trimming, intimate skin lightening, beard & brow tinting, facials, back facials and other skin treatments (peels, microneedle and microdermabrasion). 

Our grand opening is August 8th! We welcome you (or a special guy in your life) with a $20 off voucher (first time Facial or Brazilian Wax). We can’t wait to take care of you and receive your feedback and suggestions to continue making this the strongest brand for the modern man. Be sure to follow our social media accounts to stay up-to-date on our promotions or visit us at

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