Rachel Zoe’s New Project – Exude Lipstick

If you ever had a gander at Rachel Zoe’s book Style A to Zoe The Art of Fashion, Beauty & Everything Glamour penned with Rose Apodaca, Zoe points in several instances to one of her beauty staples – a bold lipstick. On page 14 it’s “Five glamour essentials under $50” with “Red Lipstick” being numero uno. In chapter five it’s all about “lip gloss and mane toss” where Zoe again references a good red… In fact there are smatterings of lipstick talk throughout. And if like me you are one of the zillions that love to watch Rach & Rodg on The Rachel Zoe Project you know that Rach is never without a finished lip…

So what could be more natural than Rachel Zoe endorsing a lipstick line? Yes it’s true! Miss Zoe is spreading her fashionable wings to include being the spokesperson for the New York based beauty brand Exude. Starting Tuesday Exude will launch their first product line- Exude Lipstick. The line features a futuristic lipstick-shaped crystal applicator and a minimalist soft touch tube. The formula is chock full of vitamins C and E, gogi berry and omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids and designed to be applied through the applicator component for the perfect amount of tint.

Diane Breidenbach, who cofounded Exude with her husband, Laurence Mille, last year, told WWD “This is a modern twist on a lipstick’s iconic shape” “The angled shape remains for the life of the product.” Breidenbach and Mille spent 10 years perfecting the design.

Zoe helped collaborate on the inner and outer elements of the product and said this about it. “We wanted it to feel very streamlined so the packaging would not distract from the product,” said Zoe. “This lipstick is never not going to look pretty.”

The lipstick will be carried exclusively on exudelipstick.com. All the products are scented with mint and will retail for $29 which places Zoe’s price point comfortably in between the new Kate Spade line at $24 and the luxe Tom Ford lipstick line at $45. To start the line includes two formulas- lip creams and lip glosses. The lip creams come in nine shades from nude to cranberry (a Zoe signature shade) while the lip glosses come in five shades from clear to scarlet red.

“I would never [promote] something I don’t wear myself or that I don’t believe in,” said Zoe to WWD. “I really believe in this product.”

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