Quick Fix’s for Beauty 911’s

A few decades ago when I was just getting my feet wet as a freelancer, my friends and I joked that I should have a mobile makeup van for makeup emergencies… especially on a weekend night. Well, fast forward to 2007 when I created a mobile team as an extension on my store and spa Glam Lounge. Today my team puts out many makeup and hair emergencies for clients who are attending special occasions, photo shoots, weddings and what we call “picture perfect” moments. Even though you may not have a team at your disposal 24/7 here are a few quick cures for those beauty 911’s.


Complexion Fix
Instead of covering broken out skin with layers of foundation, try using a small brush to stipple on cover up and spot conceal says legendary artist Linda Cantello. Follow with a dusting of loose powder.

Don’t have a makeup remover on hand to fix mishaps? Dick Page recommends dipping a Q-Tip in moisturizer and dot it over the offending splotch. Basic moisturizers work best rather than those with loads of anti-aging ingredients or acids.


Hair Repair
To add body Serge Normant twists damp or dry hair into a top knot or bun and ties it with a scarf rather than an elastic band to prevent crimps. Prior to wrapping spritz with hair spray and leave up for 15 minutes. One you untie the scarf hair will be full and beautiful.

Eyes Awake
To stave away oiliness on eyelids press blotting tissue into the lid after setting with translucent powder and before applying eye shadow says Charlotte Tilbury who works with French and British Vogue regularly and helped create the amazing Tom Ford makeup line.

To eliminate puffiness the tried and true tea bags on the eyelids is still one of the best remedies. Dip the tea bags in hot water, then plunge them in ice water to instantly cool and place over eyelids for 5-10 minutes. This works perfectly before an interview or date to make the eyes look refreshed.


Lip Service
To keep lips from looking chapped or cracked before you step out for the day or night, exfoliate with a soft, dry toothbrush or a lip scrub and slather on a moisturizing salve or lip balm leave on for 15-30 minutes while you do your hair or the rest of your makeup. Tissue off, then follow with lipstick or lipgloss.

For those times when you want to switch up your look in a flash, use a gentle waterproof eye makeup remover or an oil cleanser to remove dark or staining lipstick colors.

When a full main or even re-doing polish isn’t an option buffing nails is the next best thing to create a shine and make nails look healthy. Follow with a dab or cuticle cream or oil and hands will look pretty with out polish.

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