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Don’t you just love the way your hair looks after it’s been washed, cut, and styled by your stylist? Or the way your makeup looks after a quick stop at your favorite cosmetic counter? However, when you try to recreate that gorgeous blowout or funky shadow look at home per your stylists instructions it never comes out quite the same.

One of our favorite fashion and beauty websites Refinery29 has asked the hard questions and given us the “Top-Secret Beauty Cheats Straight from the Pros” so that you’ll look just as good as you did sitting in your stylist’s chair. We picked a few of our favorites, but you can read them all here.

“For easy beachy hair, put your hair in two pigtails, then spray them from the ends up with a texturizing salt spray. Twist into buns, then use a diffuser on them until hair is dry. Let your hair cool for five minutes, then release the buns. Bang: easy, beautiful beach hair.”
— Christina Buzas, celebrity hairstylist

“After a bath or shower, gently buff the nails with a soft buffer (320-600 grit), brush off with a nail brush, polish if desired, and apply an oil — CND SolarOil,OPI Avoplex, or just plain olive oil. Your nails will look fresh and healthy.”
— Beth Fricke, celebrity manicurist

“Use a nude-colored eye pencil as a highlighting tool on your face. Run the pencil down the bridge of your nose and blend out with your fingertips, then apply under your brow bone to disguise any new hair growth. Lastly, try it on your lips to add volume to the Cupid’s bow and make your lips look fuller.
— John Stapleton, MAC senior artist

“I like to use an eye pencil in a shimmery white, champagne, or light gold to outline the top lip — just outside the natural lip line — fading it out towards the outer edges and making sure the color is strongest over the Cupid’s bow. This gives the lips the illusion of fullness and definition, and is a more modern alternative to lip liner.”
— Beau Nelson, celebrity makeup artist

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