Patriotic Manis You Can Wear All Summer

Usually, we do a “What to Wear on The Fourth of July” post, but this year we decided to switch it up and give you a few ways to celebrate The Fourth with your favorite red, white, and blue nail polishes. These America inspired manis are so cute that you’ll want to wear them all summer (and of course you can).

LC shows us how to do an adorable mani with a different take on those beloved stripes over at The Beauty Department.


1: Tools- clear base/top coat, red nail polish, stick-on nail polish strips, nail file, cuticle nippers (optional)

2: Apply a thin base coat, and then fit the correct nail polish strips to each finger. Skip any random one you want and leave it for the red polish. I chose the ring finger.

3: (Optional) Cut the excess off with cuticle nippers or scissors.

4: File the edges. This will give you a perfect edge with the nail polish strip.

5. Paint the plain nail red. I did 2 coats.

6. Go over everything (polish strips + red nail) with a clear top coat.

We love this firework mani from

Start with a white base coat. You may need two coats to make sure it’s nice and opaque.

Cut four small pieces of the blue striping tape and three pieces of red. Make sure they’re big enough to make an impact, but small enough that they don’t cover the entire width of the nail.

Start by making a cross on the nail with two pieces of the striping tape you just cut. Make another cross over that, rotating it so that it fills in the white space of the first cross. Place the red tape over the blue the same way. (We left out one of the red pieces to give it some personality so it’s not a perfect burst.)

Paint on some glitter polish as your top coat. It makes the firework look a bit more magical!

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