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About three and a half years ago I read a little article about these amazing oxygen facials that Madonna and a few other celebrities were doing. The facial promised to completely hydrate, smooth out lines, lift and leave your face younger looking and more luminous after just one treatment. At the time we had just opened Glam Lounge my little beauty boutique and spa and because I am all about finding the best treatments available, within a week the rep was on our doorstep and I was hooked. Since then Intraceuticals has become the facial of choice for a myriad of celebrities because bar none there is nothing like it… and believe me I have done my homework.

As a beauty editor I often get invited to lots of press events to try the newest and the greatest…at one point I was invited to the opening of one of the hip happening spas in town to try their treatment with the word oxygen in the title, in fact its one of the facials that made them famous. I was skeptical to say the least about their uber facial…and I was right, I left the spa feeling pretty good, but the next morning my face was as dry as the Sahara desert, not a speck of oil or moisture…back to my spa for an Intraceuticals asap!

So on Tuesday when I had the chance to stop by the Intraceuticals events at the Arizona Biltmore Resort’s newly revamped and gorgeous Ocatilla rooms I jumped on it. Gina Brooke Madonna’s amazing makeup artist who uses the treatment on Madonna and other celeb clients before photo shoots videos and big events was there to share her wealth of info. I had the opportunity to chat with Ms Brooke makeup artist to makeup artist and not only was she gracious enough to let me in on a few of her secrets, she also shared how the Intraceuticals facial literally has saved photographers and directors from the time, work and cost of retouching (a practice that we both feel has run rampant lately) Being that you never and I means NEVER see a photo that has not been retouched that is just about the best testimony a treatment could get.

So, what is so special about this amazing facial you ask? Intraceuticals has created a group of proprietary professional strength serums for individual skin concerns (ie: hydration, line and wrinkle reduction, hyper pigmentation, sun damage and acne) which include hyaluronic acid, green tea and vitamins and anti-oxidants that are delivered through a fine mist of hyperbaric oxygen. The oxygen allows for a deeper absorption into the skin creating a more effective penetration of ingredients.

Unlike other products Intraceuticals actually created a molecular structure small enough to pass through the dermis and provide unparalleled results I will skip the technical mumbo-jumbo that you don’t want to hear and simply say, of all the facials that I have performed and received personally this treatment gives you instant plumping, line smoothing, hydrating results with no downtime or fear of redness, irritation or blemishes. In fact even though my brick and mortar location is gone, we still make house calls for the clients that can’t live without their oxygen fix.

And for those of you who are still skeptical…. I was able to take a peek at the latest products from the brand, the new Rejuvenate Daily Serum and Atoxelene (line smoothing) Serum. These are the two super components that make the Rejuvenation facials so special and in the fall you will be able to experience them for at home use. Though they aren’t a substitute for the actual facial but they will give you the instant hydration, toning and lifting effects that you can’t get from your regular jar of cream.

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