Love is Like Oxygen – Facials

What a deliciously crazy few weeks I’ve had, and what a fabulously glam sight I’ve been (not) between painting my new space and schlepping makeup kits with brow sopping from location to location primping goddesses from young to older for every imaginable event, fashion shows, photo shoots TV segments, press junkets. Last year I had the delight of working with Charla Krupp who was in town promoting her ever so on point book “How Not to Look Old” Love, love, love!!!


Unfortunately, that week I missed my chance to have some “deep conditioning” on my roots (aka color touch ups) and had to face the savvy style maven (who’s book by the by has been at the top of the NY best sell list for ever) with my ashy looking roots!


Recently Ms Krupp reintroduced her book with an entire bevy of additional info and added services including a few of my favorite oxygen facials that I had the delight of introducing her to!  Madonna of course is the poster child for the ultimate- turn- back- the- clock Intraceuticals Oxygen treatments and even has coveted facialist Michelle Peck on staff to keep her line free and glowing when she is on tour.  Other than the unneeded cheek implants the divine Ms M is looking pretty fresh!


So while I’m on the subject, in the midst of the flying powder and gloss this week I had the enviable task of doing a little reconnaissance work by checking out one of the slickest and super- hyped spa in town…. don’t be silly love, a lady never facials and tells….

In regard to their products, you name it, I have tried it, written of it, sought it out, slathered it and gushed over it….. happily.

The facial was mostly lovely nay extractions and some arm massaging that went awry, the facility though ity- bitty felt girlfriend zen as a spa should and my aesthetician was a delight who out chatted me 10-1 and I have to give a girl props for that nearly impossible task!!!


But (and there’s always a but) if I am being brutally candid… and really darling, have I ever bitten my tongue when I wasn’t chewing cinnamon gum? Had it not been a media related thing I would have been ladylike miffed with the price after waking up with under eyes about as moist as the Sahara desert….and a parched face to boot. Now mind you I was glowing when I left but it did not even stand the test of time for 10 hours so buyer beware when you are looking for oxygen ask for some extra details because a little four minute oxygen spray at the end of a facial is primarily used to kill bacteria not hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

  1. Never had an oxygen facial, always wanted one. I can’t believe your facial tips landed in Krupp’s book, way to go!

    1. Giana I will say this…. when you get any facial ask what the steps are and as mentioned a 3-5 minute spray of oxygen will not transform your face!

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